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  1. Assessment Tools used with STEM Curriculum
    Kathy Belcher
  2. The Alaska Design CHallenge: Recruiting New Technology Education Teachers (PowerPoint)
    Joe Busby and Davison Mupinga
  3. Exploriae: An Educational Experience
    Dan Caron
  4. Vanderbilt RET Program in the Classroom (How One Teacher Spent His Summer Vacation)
    Terry Carter
  5. A Bunch of STEMS
    Brad Christensen
  6. Ethics: Avoiding STEM Professionals' Workplace Land Mines
    Robert L. Frisbee and John L. Illey
  7. Using Reverse Engineering to Teach Key Systems Concepts (PowerPoint)
    Henry Harms and David Janosz
  8. Forty Years of Change – What’s Next? (PowerPoint)
    Jim Haynie
  9. The Total Package: STEM Workforce Professional Development
    John L. Iley, Andy M. Klenke, and Michael W. Neden
  10. Rural STEM: Environments for Place-Based Education
    Janel M. Kerr
  11. Context Matters: Place-Based Education for Sustainability
    Janel M. Kerr, James A. Gregson
  12. Teaching the Whole Child Through ITE (PowerPoint)
    Mary LaLuna
  13. A Study of Students' Learning Performance in a Science Fiction Film Learning Activity
    Kuen-Yi Lin
  14. Reinventing the Electric Car (PowerPoint)
    Mark Mahoney
  15. The Theory and Practice of Hot Roding
    Mark and Gary Mahoney
  16. 3D Virtual Worlds in STEM Education
    Nita Matzen, Eward Roberts, and Kathy Furr
  17. Career Awareness is Job One!
    Ray McCarthy
  18. A Transdisciplinary Unit on Sound (Supplemental Files #1, #2, #3)
    Don Mugan, Don Fischer, and Pete Gjovik
  19. Engineering in Minnesota Science Standards (PowerPoint)
    John Olson and Doug Paulson
  20. Femaile Faculty Persistence and Success
    Phyllis Bernice Opare
  21. One- to Two-Day Activities for the Classroom
    Jeff Pegg
  22. Improve Workforce Gender Equity Through Collaboration
    Mary Phelps
  23. Career Readiness: A Model (and accompanying handout)
    David Shabram and Anna Sumner
  24. Nanotechnology Lessons for the Real World
    Kathleen Stansbury
  25. CTE and the 21st Century Workforce (Video)
    Jan Stark
  26. Program Change to Facilitate Successful Post-secondary Transitions
    Ken Starkman and Dale Hanson
  27. The Sustainable Workforce: 21st Century STEM Teachers (Resource file)
    John Wyrick and John L. Iley

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