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  1. Creating Comprehensive K-12 Pipeline
  2. Clarifying Student Teaching Roles
    Bartholomew and Wright
  3. Spring 2009 Bedroom Project
    Chris Malanga
  4. Rocketry - Motivating Students About Engineering and Design
    Bowan TART Project Summary
    Website Resources
    Bradley Bowen
  5. Undgergraduate Energy Related Research Mobilizing SMARTT and GRIDcPilot
    Joe Busby, Amy Williams, Alexandra Blalock, Erik Schettig
  6. Manufacturing Production: High School/University Collaboration Project
    Bill Cattin, Scott Calahan
  7. STEM: Keeping it Real in "Old School" Technology Classes
    Edward V. Callico
  8. Students Teaching Students - STEM Integration - For English Language Learners
    Vinson Carter
  9. Stepping Outside My Technology Classroom Box
    Dr. Stacy Klein
  10. Engineering Design Teacher Professional Development: A Model
    Vincent Childress
  11. NSF Grant Opportunities for Technology Educators
    David Burghardt, Ken DeLuca, Mike Hacker
  12. Foundations of Technology - A True Team Approach
    Meter Reading Project Rubric
    Al Deming
  13. Counselor Academy
  14. Cognitive Strategy and Selected Core Thinking Skills in Engineering Design Problem Solving: A Verbal Protocol of an Expert and Novice
    Cognitive Strategy Research
    Raymond Dixon
  15. Gas is Cheap. Who Cares?
    John Donley
  16. Notes on Introducing Engineering Features Through Toys
  17. Open Source Free Software for Techno-Teaching
    Mark A. Evans
  18. Idea Garden Presentation
    Mike Fitzgerald, Brad Naas, Angie Quarles
  19. Communicating Membership Matters
    Mike Fitzgerald
  20. Engineering and Technology Education - FIRST Robotics
  21. Thermal Protection System
    E. Dynae Fullwood, John F. Weis
  22. Systems and Global Engineering
    Henry Harms
  23. Sketching in Design and Technical Activities
    W.J. Haynie, T.J. Branoff, J.R. Busby, T.E. Varnado
  24. Simplifying the CAD/CAM/CNC Process: Multi Layer Drawings
    Dr. Farzin Heidari
  25. Online Master of Education at Cal U
    Master of Education Trifold
  26. Integrating STEM Concepts Using Direct Instruction
    Recycling Reducing Reusing Replicating Famous Structures
    Art & Technology Design Projects
    Laura Hummell
  27. The Design Cycle: An Introduction
    W. Jason Reagin
  28. Introductory Program for Robotics
    Jeff Slaton
  29. The Future of Technology Education Master Degrees
    Illinois State University
  30. Cyber Bullying and Online Harassment: Awareness and Best Practices for Prevention
    Edward J. Lazaros, Ph.D.
  31. LHS Tech Design 2 Lighting Project
    James Novotny
  32. Students' Concept Learning in the MIST Integrated Curriculum
    Students' Concept Learning in the MIST Integrated Curriculum
    Kuen-Yi Lin, Kuang-Chao Yu, Ting-Chen Hu
  33. We Teach Children: Pedagogy vs. Technical Content
    Jocelyn Long, Leanna Carstetter, Kerri Myers
  34. Student Attitude Toward STEM: Development of an Instrument for High School STEM-based Programs
    Mark Patrick Mahoney
  35. Everyday Products: Best Engineering Design Concept Exposure
    Dr. John M. Mativo
  36. Beyond Smash and Crash
    Ray McCarthy, Ed.D
  37. Middle Level and High School Students Concepts of Women in STEM
    Erin Miller
  38. Robotics as a Vehicle for Technological Literacy
    Benjamin Mitchell
  39. STEM Education: A Call to Action
    Patti Curtis, Don Mugan, Pete Gjovik
  40. Factors Influence Femail Persistence in STEM Majors and Caeers
    Phyllis Bernice Opare
    Dr. Joe R. Busby, Dr. Pam Carpentry, Dr. William Deluca
  42. Development of a Secondary Curriculum for Modeling and Simulation
    Philip A. Reed and Ginger Watson
  43. Teaching Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to Today's Digital Native
    Edward M. Reeve, Ph.D.
  44. Effective Practices of Project Lead the Way Partnership Teams
    Cody J. Reutzel, Dr. Gary A. Stewardson
  45. Proving the Worth of Technology Education in STEM
    John M. Ritz, P. Scott Bevins
  46. What We Have Learned from NSF Funded Projects
    Gerhard Salinger
  47. Designing a New Technology Education Facility in Schools
    Bob Spagnoli
  48. DH2S Fuel Cell Project
  49. Sustainability Through Technology Education
    Tom Kubick
  50. Manufacturing Best Practices
    Rod Thompson, Mance Hurley
  51. Cutting-Edge Research: Math Infusion into Engineering/Technology Education
    Dave Burghardt, Mike Hacker
  52. Implementing Green Construction Lessons into the Classroom
    Patrick Walser, Dr. Luke Steinke
  53. What is STEM With the T & E?
    David Burghardt, Michael Hacker
  54. Teaching Today's Digital Communication Systems
    Peter Wright
  55. Real-Time Internet Data for K-6 Science
    Dr. Ming Zhang, Dr. Xiaoping Li, Dr. Lundquist
  56. Technical Design
    Geoff Law
  57. Workforce Readiness and Technology Education
    Dr. Perry R. Gemmill
  58. Technical Design
  59. Quantitative Assessment Technologies Using Design as Pedagogy
    Dr. Steve Macho
  60. Robotics in the Elementary Classroom
    Robin Morrow and Brenda Getman
  61. Project VEX Challenge
    Andrew Hendrich

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