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Teacher Recommended Websites

July 2003 - September 2003


“The Tech Flash newsletter is a monthly electronic newsletter designed to keep you informed about what's happening in Technology Education both in Florida and around the country. You can register for this free service from the Planet TE web page.”


“The leading online resource for the engineering industry”


“S.T.E.P Design & Technology 5-16 is a major educational development from the Staffordshire design & Technology Education Programme. It is designed to help teachers to deliver the national curriculum for design & technology.”


Trifolium Books Inc.
A Fitzhenry & Whiteside Company
Sharon Fitzhenry, President and CEO

195 Allstate Parkway
Markham, Ontario L3R 4T8
Tel: 905-477-9700
Fax: 905-477-9179


“Looking for a way to get students interested in engineering? Design and Discovery offers an approachable introduction to engineering through design.”


“Technology Education
Technology Studies Weekly is a very affordable way to present cutting-edge technology education to your students. Twenty-four weekly units cover national objectives for introduction to technology and exploring technology. You may review the objectives and standards taught in this publication by clicking on this link:”


“France uses the metric system of measurement. The tables below provide for conversion from/to metric and imperial and US measurement systems.”


“The Future City Competition program introduces students to engineering concepts through practical applications of math and science. Student teams are guided by volunteer engineers and teachers as they design and build their vision of the urban world of tomorrow.”


Metal work projects


Roger B. Hill, Associate Professor, The University of Georgia


“DANGER ON WHEELS? Arnold Diaz is going to show us how thousands of children are seriously injured in shopping cart accidents, sometimes even when they're wearing a seat belt.”


“To demonstrate its process for innovation for an episode of ABC’s late-night news show Nightline, IDEO created a new shopping cart concept, considering issues such as maneuverability, shopping behavior, child safety, and maintenance cost. The show concentrated on IDEO’s design process, recording as a multidisciplinary team brainstormed, research, prototyped, and gathered user feedback on a design that went from idea to a working appearance model in four days.”


“Alternative Energy consists of 24 lessons on energy and alternative fuels, primarily in the contexts of physics, chemistry, biology and earth science. Lessons are also included for English, mathematics, art and social studies classes.”


“Make Your Mark: in Graphic Communications”
Free Material to Download


“If you are looking for a Microsoft Word tutorial, this is the site. Our Microsoft Word 97 tutorial provides the help you need to get started using Microsoft Word.”


“The Microsoft Word Knowdule
Microsoft Word is a wordprocessor developed by Microsoft. Word is sold in the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools for office and personal use.
In order to effectively employ Word for your wordprocessing needs, you must be aware of the Productivity Strategy and the Select than Do principle.”


Why this Web site?
“This web site is designed for FGCU students who want to improve their core technology skills and expand their use of the many technology tools available for learning. FGCU is rich with technology tools and using them effectively will contribute to your success whether you are taking courses on campus or at a distance. This site will help you develop the technological skills necessary to be successful.”


The Land Grant Training Alliance
"Learning Microsoft Excel"


This is a basic tutorial of Excel. START HERE Specific examples may refer to Excel (but most items discussed should work in other spreadsheets).


Microsoft Excel Tutorial


Excel Tutorial


Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
Work smarter with PowerPoint version 2002, the Office XP presentation graphics program.


PowerPoint in the Classroom


PowerPoint Tutorial


Introduction into Microsoft PowerPoint


PowerPoint Tutorial




Top Internet Sites


“This was written for Microsoft PowerPoint 98 for Macintosh. Newer or older versions may have different options and ways to do things. Also this is not meant to cover all of PowerPoint just the general features of it. There may be some items left out. Complied by Sean Pearson (sean@iollan.com) Copyright??2003. All rights reserved. Copies may be made for educational use only.”


“mechanisms is a free online enewsletter that profiles novel and innovative methods and strategies used by participants in the "Visual Realization"™ program.”


“Building Homes of Our Own is an interactive teaching tool for the middle school classroom environment. The game presents a macro view of the entire home building process from site selection to final sale. Players collect information, solve problems and make choices as they build a 3D home against a budget. Players then review credit applications and sell to the buyer of their choice.”


This is the Official Web Site of the Louisiana Technology Student Association

Ruler Problems
R-Ruler-Prob#1 http://www.ltsa.org/pdfrules/R_Ruler_Prob-1.pdf
R-Ruler-Prob#2 http://www.ltsa.org/pdfrules/R_Ruler_Prob-2.pdf
R-Ruler-Prob#3 http://www.ltsa.org/pdfrules/R_Ruler_Prob-3.pdf
R-Ruler-Prob#4 http://www.ltsa.org/pdfrules/R_Ruler_Prob-4.pdf
R-Ruler-Prob#5 http://www.ltsa.org/pdfrules/R_Ruler_Prob-5.pdf


Official hubble site


“For nearly 100 years, the American Camping Association community has joined together to share our knowledge and experience and to enhance the quality of camp programs.”


“Girlstart is a non-profit organization created to empower girls to excel in math, science, and technology. Founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas, Girlstart engages, educates, and motivates girls to achieve the knowledge and confidence to participate in advanced math and science classes and future careers.”


“Technology has already transformed the world more dramatically than any other revolution in history. Yet, at a time when opportunity has never been greater, women are retreating from the fields of science and technology in alarming numbers.”


Listen to this...! Nearly 50% of the students enrolled in medical school today are women


Innovative, hands-on science camps for girls entering 6th - 8th grade.


“We are so happy you found us! Check out our calendars for a complete list of our outdoor adventures. We offer clinics, day trips, weekend excursions, and week long get-a-ways!”

”Adventures for women, men, and kids! Dream it, Believe it and Do it!”


“Imagine doing yoga in the morning, surfing, and hanging out with other girls and women who share a love for surfing! At Maria Del Mar surf camp you will do all this and more! This surf camp is offered year round and is run by local surfers that live in the area and know Costa Rica. You will get to know the real Costa Rica! Which is very important. Camps are popping up everywhere these days and many only come down to Costa Rica for three months out of the year.”


“The next camp will take place in Portland, Oregon, in summer 2004. Dates and costs are yet to be determined but will be posted on our website as soon as we know. Tuition fees are on a sliding scale and scholarships are available. You do not need any previous experience to attend the camp. Girls from all over the USA attend but we do not provide lodging due to lack of funding. Portland is the only location for the camp currently.”


“Welcome to Camp $tart-Up, a DollarDiva program presented by Independent Means. Camp $tart-Up offers teen women fun, new friends, and a chance to learn how to become a DollarDiva!”


“Summer adventure in North Carolina since 1922. Our camp program is non-competitive and non-regimented, and emphasizes outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and kayaking (both flat & whitewater), sailing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Join the adventure!”


“New - AVG Free edition is now available for all single home and non-commercial end users Worldwide! Closer information you can find in end user license agreements.”


"Fish" Video.


“Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results (G K Hall Large Print Inspirational Series) [LARGE PRINT]”


“The incredible film that launched the FISH! Philosophy movement!
Seattle's World Famous Pike Place Fish is an otherwise ordinary fish market that's extraordinarily successful. The work is hard and the hours are long—yet these employees make a personal choice to bring amazing passion, playfulness, commitment and a positive attitude to work every day.”


"Give`em the Pickle!"
"Description PICKLES are those special or extra things you do to make people happy. It's a hand written thank you note with every order shipped. It's walking the customer to the item they're looking for rather than pointing or maybe it's simply calling them by name. The trick is figuring out what your customers want and then making sure they get it. That's the PICKLE."


“ Whale Done! in Action is a companion video program that shows how the Whale Done! Approach is applied to real-life business situations. Blanchard emphasizes two key skills that can have an immediate, positive impact in the workplace: how to give redirection when someone makes a mistake and how to give a Whale Done! Response when you catch someone doing something right.
Length of video: 15 min."


Transportation Systems: Two Liter Boat Activity
“In this Learning Experience students design and build full-size boats that are raced in the school’s swimming pool, paddled by the designers.”


“Thank you for visiting the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) Website. It is our desire to provide you with useful and timely information that will enhance your knowledge of elementary and secondary education programs and issues. Your questions and comments are always welcome.”


Mr. Andrew Goldstein School and Student Website


Mr. Andrew Goldstein School and Student 9 – 11 production


“Housed in the College of Technology at the University of Houston, the Center for Technology Literacy's (CTL) primary goal is to develop and disseminate innovative curriculum resources for technology educators throughout the state of Texas. One way that CTL meets this objective is via the construction and maintenance of this web site (www.texastechnology.com). In the coming months, watch for new articles, instructional materials, and training sessions!”


The Educator Resource Center Network


“NASAexplores provides free weekly K-12 educational articles and lesson plans on current NASA projects. Printable and downloadable, these supplemental curriculum resources meet national education standards.”


NASA’s main page










NASA Websites for Educators


“Each week ENC Focus highlights a new topic for math and science teachers. In this section you can read teacher-written articles, see what experts in the field are saying, and find professional development and classroom resources.”


“Welcome to MIT's OpenCourseWare: a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world. OCW supports MIT's mission to advance knowledge and education, and serve the world in the 21st century. It is true to MIT's values of excellence, innovation, and leadership.”


“Some of you have asked about CAD programs you can use at home. They can be very expensive. (AutoCAD costs over $3,000 for one license.) There are, of course, less expensive alternatives. I'm working on a list of these and I'll post it soon. If any of you have suggestions, please email me. Thanks, Mr. V”


“Creative Commons is devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others to build upon and share.”


“Four times a year, USA TODAY honors outstanding students and educators with the All-USA Academic and Teacher Teams. The 20 students and educators selected for the All-USA First Teams are featured in the nation's newspaper. The students – high school, two-year college and four-year college – each receive $2,500 cash awards. Starting in 2003, each All-USA Teacher first team member will receive $500, with the balance of the $2,500 award going to the school. In the All-USA academic program, 40 more runners-up are named to the second and third teams. They are named in the paper and receive certificates of achievement.”


“There's nothing like a little competition to motivate students, and when you have a classroom full of motivated students, everyone wins.

“Check out our guidelines for 32 hands-on competitions. Print the guidelines in simple text form or download the full-color, printable document. You are free to print, copy, and even modify them, if you wish, to suit your purpose. These guidelines are NOT the official rules of any national organizations, although we have, wherever applicable, listed organizations that sponsor similar competitions.”


“The GITEA Problem Solving Cookbooks were designed as a series of resource activities that can be in your classrooms. These activities were designed by Technology Education teachers from Georgia and other parts of the country and are designed to stimulate students minds and help them develop problem solving skills. These function as useful classroom tools as well as an excellent set of resource materials for student organization activities.”


“Six Things That Are Right With Schools” by Tamim Ansary


“The Jaguar F1 in Schools CAD/CAM Design Challenge will take place in states across the U.S. and at the 2004 Technology Student Association (TSA) Conference. You are invited to participate! Please click here to register.”


“The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS was originally intended for military applications, but in the 1980s, the government made the system available for civilian use. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. There are no subscription fees or setup charges to use GPS.”


GPS Manuals you can purchase


Apple Computer Website


“This Lesson introduces student to measuring with both the Standard Ruler and the Metric Ruler.”


Utah Technology and Engineering Website


“Grisoft was founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic by software developer Jan Gritzbach. The founding of a high-tech company specializing in the development of anti-virus software was a natural progression for Mr Gritzbach, whose own interests in the field began in 1988, when he began developing programs specialized in protecting computers from mobile malicious code. Since its founding, the main focus of the company continues to be innovation in the detection of, and protection for computers from viruses!”


“Your career in a technology field can start now! It all begins with school. Math and science class can pave the way to an exciting job in a booming field. YOU can work with cool people in a new kind of work environment. And YOU can define what the future looks like! Click below to start now.”


Quiz: Test your Tech Knowledge


“Author of the critically acclaimed memoir West of Kabul, East of New York and 38 nonfiction books for children, Mir Tamim Ansary has lived a life in two worlds. Born and raised in Afghanistan, the son of an Afghan father and American mother, Ansary moved to the United States at age 16.”


Brad Naas Website


Surplus Computers


“Welcome to the Virginia Children's Engineering Council Web site!”


“The Pennsylvania Department of Education has taken the former TEAP Safety Guide and updated it. TEAP-Online has agreed to house a downloadable format online for your use.”


G. T. Greer’s School Website


“DesignWorkshop® Classic Home Design is fast, friendly 3D software for creating 3D models, walkthroughs, and renderings, from initial sketches to complete house and landscape rendering and walkthrough.”


Welcome to Ms. Stone's Fundamentals of Technology Page


“This is a live camera view from the Depco Technology Education Laboratory in Knoy Hall of Technology.”


“The Missouri Center for Technology Education (MCTE) laboratory complex is unique in that it will attempt to teach teachers how to articulate the development of technological literacy from Kindergarten to college. Teacher education students from all subjects and grade levels will be able to use the laboratories to integrate the study of technology with other subject areas.”




“National Energy Foundation is a unique 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the development, dissemination, and implementation of supplementary educational materials, programs, and courses. These resources for education relate primarily to energy, water, natural resources, science and math, technology, conservation, and the environment. All enrich and enhance teaching and learning. They recognize the importance and contribution of natural resources to our economy, to our national security, the environment, and our quality of life.”


Welcome to the National Science Center Foundation (NSCF) Home Page.


“Welcome to the new Minnesota Department of Education Web site!
As we reorganize to focus on academic excellence, we are also reorganizing our Web site so we can better serve Minnesotans and give them easy access to the latest information. Let us know what you think of the new site and sign up for e-mail notification on the latest MDE events, news, services and updates.”


“A challenging academic team competition, The Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAMS) program enables high school students to learn team development and problem-solving skills using classroom mathematics to solve real-world problems. The TEAMS competition is an annual one-day, two-part event that consists of an open-book, open-discussion exam taken by teams of four-to-eight high school students. TEAMS presents the multidisciplinary aspect of engineering work by illustrating how math and science concepts work together and are applied to solve real-world problems.”


New Formulas For America’s Girls in Science and Engineering


“The Committee for Education Funding, a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition of over 100 education organizations welcomes you to our website. Explore the CEF website and you will find: information about CEF; updates on federal education funding; the CEF Contact Washington Center; position statements; letters; press releases; advocacy materials; voting records; events and publications; an online membership directory; membership information; along with many other helpful resources.”

- Department of Education Forecast of Funding (http://www.ed.gov/fund/grant/find/forecast.html )

- eSchool News School Funding Center (http://www.eschoolnews.com/resources/funding )

- FastWEB (http://www.fastweb.com )

- Fundsnet Online Services (http://www.fundsnetservices.com )

- Grantionary (http://www.eduplace.com/grants/help/grantionary.htm )

- GrantsAlert (http://www.grantsalert.com )

- Philanthropy News Digest-K-12 Funding Opportunities (http://fdncenter.org/funders )

- School Funding Services Grant of the Week (http:www.schoolfundingservices.org/newsViewer.asp?docId=2546 )

- School Grants (http://www.schoolgrants.org )

-- TCEB Links

The following hyperlinks may provide more information on articles in this TCEB:

- National Energy Foundation - http://www.nef1.org

- National Science Center Foundation - http://www.nscf.org

- Minnesota Department of Education - http://education.state.mn.us

- ACT - http://www.act.org

- The Christopher Columbus Awards - http://www.christophercolumbusawards.com

- National Engineering Design Challenge - http://www.jets.org/programs/nedc.cfm

- "New Formulas for America's Workforce: Girls in Science and Engineering" - http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2003/nsf03207/start.htm

- Committee for Education Funding - http://www.cef.org

- TCEB Sponsor: The Ford Motor Company - http://www.ford.com


“The Triangle Coalition is a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit organization comprised of more than 100 member organizations with representation from three key stake holders: business, education, and scientific and engineering societies. The Coalition provides a forum for these three sectors to work together to promote the improvement of science, mathematics, and technology education.”


Thermodynamics Classroom Activities


“Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles.”


“The F1 Team in Schools Challenge is a competition, open to all UK based secondary schools and colleges, to design and manufacture CO2 powered model racing cars (dragsters). Student teams compete against each other in a national championship to determine the best engineered and fastest car in the UK.”


“EDS Supports New F1 In Schools Engineering Design Competition Initiative; Provides Its Solid Edge® CAD Software To Competing Teams”


“HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TO EXPERIENCE MORE TECHNOLOGY THAN ENGINEERS! The year is 2004. It’s a typical classroom in a typical Australian high school out in the bush. A group of year 7 girls and boys are standing around a computer discussing the finer points of computational fluid dynamics whilst their colleague is using world-best 3D software to apply the finishing touches to a radical new F1 racing car design. Imagine high school students being exposed to more technology than a professional engineer! Imagine how their attitudes about the engineering profession will change (from the misconception that it is "old fashioned" or "dirty"), and how many of them will thereafter prefer a career in engineering or manufacturing. This is about to become a reality.”


“Science and Math Applications in Real-World Technologies for Girls (SMART Girls) is an initiative devised by a group of faculty women, and supported by the College to counter an alarming academic and societal pattern:”


“The Metropolitan Learning Center (MLC) is a public magnet school with a global studies theme. The school features:”


“Alternative teacher-certification program debuts online”


Advanced Technological Education (ATE) NSF Grant

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