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Teacher Recommended Websites

January 2003 - March 2003

"The Society of Women Engineers"
"Follow the links and learn about Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Materials, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering! Each lesson contains hands-on or interactive activities as well as explanations of the science and engineering."

“This public service is cooperatively provided by the two time agencies of United States: a Department of Commerce agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and its military counterpart, the U. S. Naval Observatory (USNO). Readings from the clocks of these agencies contribute to world time, called Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The time maintained by both agencies should never differ by more than 0.000 0001 seconds from UTC”

“World Time Server provides the most accurate current local times of any world clock on the Internet. It makes real time adjustments for Daylight Saving Time. No matter what time zone a country or city is located in, this site provides your best resource for determining any time, anywhere. If you need this data for your own project or web site, take a moment to learn about our Time Zone Database and Guide!”

Time zone page

Time zone page

Date and Time Gateway

Time and date

“SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.”

Weather Lab Website

“Paper cars, although they look simple are quite hard to make. Getting a paper wheel to stabilize on a toothpick axle is no easy task! However these young men and women took the challenge and gave their best!”

More Paper Cars

Paper Cars

The Digital Paper Car

Fiddlers Green- Discovered with Paper Models of Mass Distraction!!

“Just like plastic, metal and wood, paper is a great way to create models and toys. Paper models typically cost less and you don't have to worry about painting or toxic glues.”

“These flat pack kits come simply and colourfully packaged in a plastic bag. The kits all make sturdy constructions that will last and are intended to be used.”

Paper Models

Paper Models

Paper Toys

“I highly recommend making paper models, both for the elegant beauty of the models themselves and for gaining insight into three-dimensional space as you construct and then study them. They are great in a classroom. Related types of paper constructions, other constructions and the Zometool are also recommended.”

“Need an afternoon project for your son or daughter? You can use a cartridge of color toner in no time with these fun printables. (Or, choose the black and white models for less expensive, and even more creative play time.) My favorite? Paperdolls, of course. But the paper models and villages look like great fun too. *Tip from Kim - Print the dolls and models out on heavy cardstock paper, rather than gluing to cardboard.”

“You will find an assortment of paper toys that you print and play with.”

“Try these free printable craft patterns and projects. Use these resources to print out and make your own toys and other paper crafts. Great games, toys, and other items.”

“Animated models for you to make.
A unique range of animated models for you to cut out and make. From Skiing Sheep to Ruminating Cows and of course the Flying Pig; all the models come complete with clear, fully illustrated instructions, just cut out and glue together!”

Pinewood Derby Model Car Racing

Site that has links to woodworking suppliers

Escape from Paradise Island

“Welcome to the Center for Environmental Education and Natural History at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). This site serves as a central location for online information about environmental projects and organizations throughout the State of Ohio. To find out more about any of these programs, please click on the icons below.”

“The Lemelson-MIT Program celebrates those inventors who have turned their ideas into accomplishments. We foster an enthusiasm for asking—and answering—the questions that change lives. Learn how our acclaimed awards and outreach programs inspire the next generation of inventors, and explore our unique Invention Dimension.”

“Welcome to the most challenging and exciting course at Seymour High School. You have the opportunity to prepare yourself for a post-high school career or develop your abilities towards an engineering degree.”

“TRIZ offers a revolutionary knowledge-based way of thinking. It verbalizes and quantifies the basic human experience in inventing. It creates analytical discipline for inventive problem solving that overcomes basic engineering contradictions step by step to achieve breakthrough concepts.”

“ASI was formed in May of 1981 to provide supplier training to the automotive industry.Dr. W. Edwards Deming provided the original material for supplier training and also served as the initial instructor for the Institute.”

ASI index

“Welcome to the April 2003 issue of the TRIZ Journal!
Editor Ellen Domb is writing to you this month from TRIZCON 2003 and the European TRIZ Congress and Editor Michael Slocum is writing from around the country in support of his new role as Vice President of Innovation and Design at Breakthrough Management Group (BMG). Dr. Slocum will be developing a TRIZ division at BMG as well as integrating TRIZ with Six Sigma and other world-class methodologies. Drs. Slocum and Domb are both currently working to integrate Six Sigma and TRIZ. We’ll try to bring our readers new insights and new issues in this exciting area, without letting the consulting issues dominate.”







“Ideation International
I-TRIZ is the result of the analysis of over 2 million worldwide patents and other sources of technological knowledge, from which 440 patterns of invention and more than 400 patterns of technological evolution have been extracted. This knowledge base has been incorporated into the Ideation Process, which provides users with the ability to obtain a practically exhaustive set of possible solution concepts to difficult problems in a relatively short period of time.”

“Every engineer, in effect, solves technical problems: designing a pump, calculating a heat exchange process, etc. Solving technical problems is necessary to keep a company going. And to grow, a company must come up with something new, more effective, and exciting -- that is, it must innovate.”

“More than 50 years of research and development has created a science of innovation that guides problem solvers toward optimal solution(s) for their business and technological dilemmas.”

“Mouse vandalism is a serous problem in many classrooms. The mouse, being a hands-on device, is an invitation for tampering and ball removal. Until now, you've had to accept this dilemma. Not any more.”

“Shop Cyberguys!® Online... just about anything you need for your computer is here, including many hard-to-find items you simply won't find anywhere else... all at the lowest possible price!”

“Want to use DivX® technology in your products? We have industry-specific programs for game developers and hardware manufacturers, in addition to general partnership opportunities. Please contact us for more information.”

Georgia’s Problem Solving Worksheets

“AIMS began in 1981 as a project funded by the National Science Foundation at Fresno Pacific College. Eighty classroom teachers and the faculty explored the effectiveness of integrating mathematics and science in grades 5-8. Even though long recommended by thoughtful educators, very few meaningfully integrated materials existed at the time. The initial AIMS materials produced such positive results that a major curriculum research and development effort was launched to fill this void.”

"Do you want to increase your knowledge of the fundamentals of effective presentations or learn new skills and techniques for putting your presentation together? No problem. We cover all of the bases in our exclusive quick tip presentation training articles."

"FREE presentation templates, clip art, and sound clips, are available on Presenters Online! These dynamic resources are created exclusively for our members."

"Welcome to the Presenters Club! Presenters Online is pleased to announce your "E" ticket to the best presentation information on the web. This one-of-a-kind club puts you in the forefront of today's presenters. Unique member privileges provide you with the information and resources you need to take your presentations to the next level!"

"Presenters Online is pleased to offer a FREE annual membership to the Presenters Club. Simply complete the registration form to begin using your exclusive member benefits. See you in the Club!"

Tap Drill Chart

“Here at American Science & Surplus we are fascinated by discovery and invention. And we are dedicated to having fun along the way. We offer an eclectic range of products, many with a science or educational tilt to them, others simply handy or amusing. Value is important, and whenever we can, we carry surplus at prices well below retail. We love closeouts, inventory overruns, mis-manufactures, and items whose time has not come.”

Electronic Component Supply

“MECI stands for Mendelson Electronics Company Inc. Mendelson's was established in 1960 by the late Harry Mendelson. With over 1 million square feet of warehouse space and inside loading dock facilities, Mendelson's handles surplus & liquidation inventory from one box to 50 truckloads.”

“Founded in 1989, The Science Alliance is funded by private donations, foundations, company contributions, professional societies, and school districts (Eisenhower funds), and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. It name was changed to the Science, Math and Technology Alliance in April of 2000 to reflect its wider range of interests.”

Science & Technology Education World Wide Web Links

“Simple Machines:
These devices were all in common use for centuries before Leonardo's time. Each one makes work easier to do by providing some trade-off between the force applied and the distance over which the force is applied.”

Spotlight on simple machines

Simple Machine Page For Kids

Geodesic Gumdrops, Make amazing architecture with candy and toothpicks

File Card Bridges

Build-It-Yourself has developed a series of projects aimed at engaging boys and girls (ages 8-18) in playful approaches to design, invention, and scientific inquiry.

“These are toys that you can make with the students. They are categorized by topics. The materials cost and design of each toy are presented. Most importantly the content is learned through questioning and experimenting.”

Here you can find Contest projects for the whole class.

Pringles Pinhole Camera

Curriculum Integration with Hydroponics

“The 10th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race will be held April 11-12, 2003 in Huntsville, Alabama. Students are required to design a vehicle that addresses a series of engineering problems that are similar to problems faced by the original Moonbuggy team.”

“This national competition is your opportunity to join in NASA's exploration of the
Universe, from the most distant stars to the earth beneath your feet. Join the adventure! NSIP values the achievement and diversity of all students.”

“As stated in the rules and Frequently Asked Question of the NSIP website, the word limit for Science and Technology Journalism entries is 1500 words. (Click here to obtain a Resources Guide for Science and Technology Journalism competition.) Some older copies of the Science and Technology Journalism Resource Guide indicate that the word limit is 1000 words. Please check page 11of your copy and correct that error if it appears.”

“This publication has been prepared as a guide for safety in the Agriculture, Technology Education, and Trade & Technical labs.”

Safety PowerPoints:

Another great site with safety tests for all lab machines:

Economatics are suppliers of educational equipment

“April 4, 2003 - Senator Mike Enzi (R - Wyoming) introduced a bill in the United States Senate on March 27th to give hobby rocketeers an exemption from the Safe Explosives Act contained in the Homeland Security Bill. Senator Enzi made a speech on the bill in Tuesday's (April 1) session. This was a historic moment for the hobby.”

Explosive Regulations Threaten to Kill Model Rocketry

Model Rocketeers Lash Back Against Federal Rules

Astronaut Aldrin Endorses Saturn Toy Rocket

Recent Regulations Issued by the Transportation Security Administration on Commercial Transportation of Explosives

“There is a $100.00 grant available to defray transportation costs...

Also check out the Educational Materials available to teachers:”

“I couldn't decide if I was going to post this link or not, but after watching it I felt a little better for some reason. The Columbia astronauts loved what they were doing, and they were real hero's. If you have media player and want to watch the 13:15 min video you can find it at:”

“A member of the Columbia reconstruction project team places another piece of wreckage on a grid on the floor of a hangar at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday. To date, more than 35,000 pieces of the orbiter have been shipped to the hangar.”

“Focus on Communication and Collaboration: Suggestions for Implementing Change in the 21st Century”

“Oregon Groups & Projects to recruit, retain, place more girls & young women in science, math, engineering, technology & the trades.”

“AES is a progressive leader in the development of technological literacy curricula that meet the total needs of today’s students and educators. techcenter 21TM utilizes integrated systems for learning which combine robust software and hardware tools with outstanding support materials. Our comprehensive programs address the many challenges encountered by educators and empower students with the latest instructional strategies.”

“Streaming is when you view a video, as the data arrives on your computer. Unlike downloading, you don't have to wait for the entire video to download before you view it and there are no files downloaded to your computer. Every computer uses what's known as buffering, which loads part of the video into memory so that if the internet connection gets disrupted, the video will continue to play. Downloading is when you transfer the video or file directly to your hard drive. This file will be viewable no matter if you are connected to the internet or not. To view a downloaded file, you must double click the file (on your desktop for example) and it will open it in it's proper application.”

“Mechanisms & Other Systems introduces a novel, engaging approach to teaching how and why basic technologies work—those devices, systems, procedures, and environments that improve people’s lives. You need not be a technical guru or rich in resources to get yourself and your students involved in science and technology. Simply use artifacts and systems that are all around you and available for free or at low cost. These devices you can find in your kitchen, closet, or bathroom: eggbeaters, nail clippers, and umbrellas, as well as electrical appliances, bicycles, faucets, and mousetraps. Let your students discover how to transform motion, convert energy, and/or process information to get a job done. At the same time, meet these instructional goals:”

“Welcome to the official Amherst Middle Technology Education website! This site is intended for our students, parents, and interested others who would like to know more about the exciting classrooms of Amherst Middle Technology Education.”

An exciting, worldwide, hands-on education and science program

“This project was created due to a request for a research site for public school students studying house design and its affect on energy usage. This area of the website is a compilation of data, facts, and information to be used by students in the elementary through high school grades to study how the design, location and positioning of a residential house structure affects energy requirements.”

“This is a listing of every page in UBuild.com. Each line is a link directly to that project or information page.”

How House Construction Works

“Straw-bale building is a practical and perhaps under utilized construction method. Initiated in the United States at the turn of the century, straw-bale building is showing new merit in today's marketplace. Walls of straw, easily constructed and structurally sound, promise to take some of the pressure off of limited forest resources.”

“This site has a link to every site on the Web that lists construction material costs. Bookmark this page for future reference -- new sites are added regularly.”

“Construction Glossary from Home Building Manual This Construction Glossary is free to everyone, courtesy of Home Building Manual ** “

“The Professional TRADE SECRETS for MANAGING the building of a Home or renovating an existing home are HERE! Over 250 Pages of Chronological Checklists, Critical Path Timelines, Labor and Material Budgets, Contractor Performance, Financing, Pre-Construction Checklists, and MORE! Home Building Manual”

K2 Construction: Building and Construction Terms

Straw bale house plans.

Steel building supplier

“Dream Home Source, Inc. is a leading home plans company providing a highly intuitive and extensive search tool for finding and viewing quality home plans. A forerunner in the CD-ROM home plans market, Dream Home Source offers a CD-ROM with an intuitive method for searching through over 10,033 home plans. A similar home plans search tool is offered though their web site.”

“In the past, homes could be made out of any material available and be put anywhere on land. In the future, availability of space and building materials are two main problems architects will encounter. Adequate space for homes diminishes every day, and homes are being squeezed in places that they never would have been put before. Abundant materials such as straw, steel, and plastic will construct the homes of the future. In this web site, more information on future construction can be found. Along with construction information, a working lesson plan has been added to aid teachers in the understanding of how and where future construction could take place.”

“Do you ever feel as if your contractor is selling you polyisocyanurate foam when what you really needed was a setback thermostat? Here is a handy guide to the common (and not so common construction terms).”

“The oldest existing structures in the southwest are built with adobe blocks and these include both homes and missions. The reason that early settlers built with the earth was because this was the only plentiful building material.”

“Welcome to Hometime.com— your online source for home improvement, remodeling, and repair information.”

“Every contractor, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 to take advantage of the enormous opportunities in serving the Internet related needs of the Building and Construction Industry.”

“B4UBUILD.COM is being designed for use by anyone involved with residential construction.”

“Index to…our comprehensive self build for beginner’s features (UK Site)”

“Gary, here are some search results for another interesting concept, "cordwood".”

“you will find some additional "earth friendly" materials used to build homes...”

"The Lemelson-MIT Program celebrates those inventors who have turned their ideas into accomplishments. We foster an enthusiasm for asking—and answering—the questions that change lives. Learn how our acclaimed awards and outreach programs inspire the next generation of inventors, and explore our unique Invention Dimension”

6th - 8th grade lesson plans

K – 5th grade lesson plans

"Some lesson plans include suggestions for adaptations for older or younger audiences"

“Learn about what it takes to be an Inventor?”

"resources about bridges and their construction"

"links dealing with the practical uses of electricity"

" ..sites dealing with magnetism that include tutorials, images, and much more; (primary level #1 and primary level #2)"

Teaching Through Invention

Internet Scavenger Hunt: Inventors and Inventions

Invention & Design: Education

Inventors & Inventions for K-12 Education

“Enrolled members are eligible to submit entries in the annual national INVENT AMERICA! student invention contest!”

“Kids Invent!™ develops and distributes curriculum for one week summer camps, after school programs, and classroom learning that foster creative thinking, inventing and entrepreneurial enterprise among elementary and middle school children.”



Illinois Innovators & Inventors an Illinois Not For Profit Corporation

Zoom Inventors and Inventions

History of the Band-Aid

“You will need Adobe Acrobat to view activities. After viewing them I think that they can be adapted to standards that you are following...

Battle of the Boats
Create a boat that will travel a specified distance in the shortest amount of time!

Bottle Blasters
Create a device that will launch a ball to knock over bottles.

Bridge Challenge
Build a bridge that will allow a vehicle to travel safely across a canyon!

Drop Zone
Create a parachute that will help an egg land safely on a target!

Magnificent Marble Maze
Create a marble maze that will result in the longest run time!

Rocket Rally
Create an air-powered rocket that will travel the greatest distance!

Super Slinger
Create a device that will launch a ball at a target to earn points!

Super Structures
Create a structure that is capable of supporting a large amount of pennies.

Super Subs
Create submarine that will sink and come to the surface in the shortest amount of time.

The Weakest Link
Build the longest chain that will hold the most weight!

Ultimate Gumball Machine
Create a machine that will sort gumballs in the shortest amount of time!

Whirling Wonders
Create a wheel powered by water that will move the greatest amount of string!

Zoom Machines
Create a rubberband vehicle that will travel a specified distance in the shortest time!

ULTRA-SIMPLE HOVERCRAFT can lift several adults!

“Robert Q. Riley Enterprises is a full-service product design and development consultancy, specializing in transportation, recreation, fitness, and medical products. The "Plans for Building..." area showcases the world's finest projects that you can build. Network with others using the DIY Forum. Download free software and plans. Get technical and how-to information on intellectual property, one-off construction techniques, automotive design, and alternative energy technologies.”

“ICON, or the Innovation Curriculum Online Network, is a central source for information dealing with technology and innovation, and serves as an electronic roadmap to connect users, such as teachers, professors, students, museum staff, and parents with information about the human built and innovated world.”

Amatrol is a High Technology provider of Educational Systems, Robotics, Flexible Automation Systems, Industrial Technology and Control Systems. Our products include systems in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, programmable controls, servo controls, electrical controls, machining, quality control, robotics, automation, material science, refrigeration, mechanical analysis, process control and mobile laboratories”

Toy hovercraft

“Welcome to the Cherokee Drafting and Design homepage. Visitors may observe the current activities students are completing and current students can stay up-to-date with assignment due dates and lesson handouts. From this page you may learn about technology education, visit the classes, or contact Mr. Kralik.”

“Shanghai, Dec. 31, 2002: At 10:10 am local time, the superspeed maglev train started on its maiden trip from Shanghai’s Long Yang Road station to Pudong International airport and back, carrying prominent passengers.”

“The Department of Occupational and Technical Studies offers a Bachelor of Science degree with five majors. The five majors include fashion, industrial technology, marketing education, technology education, and training specialist.”

“Controlling Robots is a detailed and extensive activity in which students create practical robotic devices with a laptop computer. Teachers can use the lesson in its entirety, or just use individual units. The lesson begins with the simple programming of LED lights and progresses from DC motors to advanced stepper motors. The units cover a wide range of topics, such as motors, switches, and relays. Controlling Robots requires hands-on participation, and students quickly develop an interest in programming computers, electronics, and robots.”

“Explore large structures and what it takes to build them with BUILDING BIG™, a five-part PBS television series and Web site from WGBH Boston.”

“Whether you need to know the latest decisions in Washington by Congress and the President that shape the future of our field; find out about new scholarship, grant, and conference opportunities; or get in touch with your state’s Department of Education officials, Tech Directions has it.”

“The Technology Student Association is a non-profit national student organization devoted to teaching technology education to young people. TSA's mission is to inspire its student members to prepare for careers in a technology-driven economy and culture. The demand for technological expertise is escalating in American industry. Therefore, TSA's teachers strive to promote technological literacy, leadership, and problem solving to their student membership.”

“From our industry leading toolpath software to our wide variety of air and electric options, we exercise total control over every element of design, development and production.”

“The Guidance Channel® is an educational publishing and media company whose mission is to provide children, students, parents, adults and professionals with timely and effective tools that help them or their clients make critical life choices.”

“As a company dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of children and adults, we want to offer our support during these difficult times. Below you will find information on articles and resources that can offer insight and advice on helping and protecting children during the current war.”

“The NEA Foundation supports a variety of efforts by teachers, education support professionals, and higher education faculty and staff to improve student learning in the nation's public schools, colleges, and universities.”

“Goodheart-Willcox is a premier publisher for Technical, Trades, Technology; Family & Consumer Sciences; and Career Education. Since 1921, we have been devoted to publishing a variety of exciting products including innovative textbooks, useful supplements, and inviting multimedia resources for school, industry, and individual training. Our experience combined with a true dedication to the field, support our position as a leading publisher in the market. We are focused on meeting your needs and those of today's educational environment, while keeping an eye on future trends.”

“An Educator Astronaut is a fully qualified member of NASA’s Astronaut Corps who has an expertise in K-12 education. Educator Astronauts will be trained to perform all of the functions and responsibilities (space walks, International Space Station deployment, experiment management, etc.) that the Agency’s Mission Specialist astronauts are qualified to perform. For the first time, NASA is recruiting individuals with specific experience and expertise in K-12 education. NASA is looking for the Educator Astronauts to help lead the Agency in the development of new ways to connect space exploration with the classroom, and to inspire the next generation of explorers.”

Stuck in a fading past; slow to pursue change

Keys to success: leadership, skilled workers and vision

Keeping 'em here after they graduate

The lament of Main Street's shopkeepers

“MicroGrade version 5.0 is an electronic gradekeeping and class management system that enables instructors to plan course structures, establish grading parameters, post scores and provide individual student progress reports as well as record student grades.”

“Managing grades, assignments and students takes time. With MicroGrade, instructors can add hours to their day by computerizing the grading and reporting process, posting secure grade and assignment information to our web servers and e-mailing messages to students and/or their parents.”

“BEIJING, China -- China plans to become the third nation to put people in space later this year, following the successful launch of an unmanned spacecraft earlier this week.”

“Become a NASA Explorer School and partner with NASA to bring exciting and unique opportunities to educators, students, and families. The 2003 program will focus on NASA content at grades 5–8.”

“Future Scientists and Engineers of America (FSEA) is a national non profit organization which provides the structure, project material, documentation and workshop training necessary to establish after school technology clubs in K-12 schools. The FSEA program focuses on technology and can easily and readily be implemented in every school.” Great activity examples you can download”

“TSA's new publication for elementary level teachers, The Great Technology Adventure-Technology Learning Activities Guide, contains twenty-seven technology learning activities (TLAs) and a variety of resource materials that will enhance teaching and learning in the elementary classroom.”

“Engineering has been called the "invisible profession" or the "stealth profession" because most people have no clue what engineers do. This is unfortunate, because everything in society is linked to engineering.”

“The Chrysler "Build Your Dream Vehicle" (BYDV) program offers high school students and teachers a program that integrates technology and career education into the academic core curriculum. Teamwork, marketing, finance design, and communication strategies encourage the application of learning to real-life situations.”

“March is National Women's History Month, a time to honor the achievements of American women and to recognize the historical impact of those achievements. This month, expand your students' knowledge about the many ways in which women sustain the American spirit by posing a question a day about women's history! Included: Links to sites detailing the accomplishments of 23 remarkable American women.”

“These engineers work every day to solve problems and make the world a better, cleaner, safer place. These women are also actively involved in their communities, raising families, end enjoying all kinds of sports and hobbies.”

“In the summer of 2003, NASA will launch two Mars Exploration Rovers that will land on the Red Planet in January 2004. NASA selected The LEGO Company and The Planetary Society to conduct a contest for students in K-12 grades throughout the United States to submit names for these rovers.”

“Pre-Engineering Software Corporation develops and publishes teaching tools for middle and high school that introduce students to the adventure of solving true-life engineering problems while reinforcing their math and science skills.”

“This area contains educational materials and information related to NASA Aeronautics and Space Research. Read here to gain information to support classroom instruction.”

NASA Centers' and Facilities Homepages

“In the summer of 2003, NASA will launch two Mars Exploration Rovers that will land on the Red Planet in January 2004. NASA selected The LEGO Company and The Planetary Society to conduct a contest for students in K-12 grades throughout the United States to submit names for these rovers.”

“Pre-Engineering Software Corporation develops and publishes teaching tools for middle and high school that introduce students to the adventure of solving true-life engineering problems while reinforcing their math and science skills.”

“This area contains educational materials and information related to NASA Aeronautics and Space Research. Read here to gain information to support classroom instruction.”

NASA Centers' and Facilities Homepages

Video’s from A & E, Biography, The History Channel

“Multicultural education posters including Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women's History Month, Cinco de Mayo, Disability Employment Awareness Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Gay and Lesbian, Diversity and American Indian History Month. Also videos, World flags and posters, calendars, books and much more.”

“The Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology (DFBSST) is an endowment fund which provides scholarships to African-American undergraduate students enrolled in scientific or technical fields of study at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).”

"Metalprojects.no-ip.com is a site dedicated to serving metal working home hobbyists and high school metal shops with quality metal project plans. These how-to instructions for making projects are perfect for the back yard do-it-yourself type person or a high school metal work student."


“In this challenge, students had to research, design, draft up drawings, and then build a scaled model of a robotic arm. To view the Project Brief, click here. The arm had to work with 8 syringes and be either pneumatic or hydraulic.”

“Mr. Hendricks Tennis Ball Sorting Robot
Below is part of an article published in a 1989 issue of "The Technology
Teacher." The article describes how a teacher's summer lab experience at Battelle PNNL provided ability for middle school students to build a computer controlled, tennis ball sorting robot a during school year 1988-89.”

“A robot is a machine that can be programmed to perform a task. The word robot comes from the word robota in the Czechoslovakian language, which means slave-like work or forced work. Today, robots are primarily used in industry.”

“Syringe Robot Arm
Lockview High School Tech Ed 9 Mr. Shreenan”

Your team is to design, construct, and operate a hydraulically controlled mechanical system (robot) that will pick an object from a specified area and place it in another specified area.”

Use the supplies provided to create a robotic arm that will move a ping-pong ball from point A to point B. Each team of two has to build a different robotic arm. The arm must move a ping-pong ball vertically from a height of 6" to a height of 3" and horizontally 8". Speed important as well as not dropping the ball.”

“3-Dimensional/Interactive View of Robots”

A robot is a machine that can be programmed to perform a task. The word robot comes from the word robot in the Czechoslovakian language, which means slave-like work or forced work. Today, robots are primarily used in industry. Typically, robots are used to perform tasks that are dull, dirty, and/or dangerous. Robots increase production capability; improve product quality, and lower production costs. It is likely that very soon there will be almost totally unmanned factories. Perhaps just one or two people will program or monitor the computers and carry out routine maintenance to robots and other machines.”

“8th graders had to construct Thingamabobs. A vehicle that would be self-starting and stop at 6'4". Here's some of the best! Also work in progress on the 3-D houses/floor plans grades 7 and 8. And something new, syringe robots!”

“Overall educational objective: Students will learn about the two kinds of fluids: liquids and gases. Students will understand that liquids (water), unlike gases (air), cannot be compressed. This property makes them ideal for hydraulic work applications.”

“From this project, I have learned quite a bit about robots and principles of science that are related to them. These included rate in fluid systems, types of levers, force, and web design.”


“Introduction: Robots are used daily in industry and are designed for the “3
D’s,” Dull, Dirty, Dangerous jobs. Robots never get tired, bored, care about
getting dirty, nor are concerned about getting hurt on the job. Robots have
reduced labor costs and added a high level of precision which was
unattainable by humans before their creation”

”Students will be able to:
1. Identify the basic terms associated with the areas of movement of a robot.
2. Properly demonstrate the basic tool and assembly skills needed to construct the robot.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of fluidics.
4. Identify appropriate applications for a pick and place robot.”


“In this class students are required to design and build a syringe robot.
Each robot has to have 3 hydraulically controlled movements.”

Mechanical Systems

Class projects

“This Web site was established to provide information about a proposed Settlement of lawsuits brought by Attorneys General of 43 states, Commonwealths and Territories, and by counsel for the Plaintiff Settlement Class entitled In re: Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation.”

Beakman's Electric Motor (English)

Beakman's Electric Motor (Spanish)

Plans to build several different motors. (neat site) Click on menu on left side

“This is a little expensive, but...Electricity! Magnetism! Engines!:”

“The honor of being listed as "Cool Robot Of The Week" is bestowed upon those robotics-related web sites which portray highly innovative solutions to robotics problems, describe unique approaches to implementing robotics system, or present exciting interfaces for the dissemination of robotics-related information or promoting robotics technology. This award carries absolutely no monetary value, official recognition, assumed support, or tangible benefit, other than swamping your web site with a few dozen extra hits for a week. But everyone else was putting up their "Cool Site Of The Millenia" lists, so we figured it was our turn too...”

"The Nerd Girls project takes an in depth and intimate look at women in engineering. It highlights their diverse talents and demonstrates their ability to work as a team striving to accomplish a challenging, but doable engineering project." -Dr. Karen Panetta

Find money for college! Search 600,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion.

“The Mach25 database contains over 600,000 awards totaling over $1.6 billion. Keyword Search gives you a quick way to narrow down to a particular scholarship or group of scholarships. Want to see awards related to 'soccer'? Enter your keyword here, press search, and whammo--you've found 'em!”

“The Scholarship Power Search is now back online, with a new search form and a new database. The Scholarship Power Search is still in BETA - that means there are still a few quirks (also known as "issues" or "bugs") but they should be fixed over the next few weeks.”

“The World's largest and oldest private sector scholarship database. 20 years of Scholarship Research, Constantly updated.”

“You've entered one of Sallie Mae's registered Web addresses. It does not exactly match any of our site addresses. To connect with your intended destination, follow the appropriate link below:”

“A plastic extrusions manufacturers directory including extruded plastics, plastic extruders, plastic profiles, extruded plastic sheet, extruded tubing, vinyl extrusions, extruded plastic channels, extruded plastic shapes, extruded plastic netting, extruded plastic profiles and custom plastic extrusions.”

“Advance School Equipment has been serving schools across Canada for over thirty years. Although many changes have occurred in this period of time, Advance's purpose has remained constant to make your classroom a place of success.”

“In the United States, there are more than 100 million housing units, and the majority of them are "single family dwellings," or houses. In cities, in the suburbs and in rural communities, houses are a very common sight.”

Journal of Technology Education


“CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- More than 600 teachers have been nominated to become educator astronauts during the past 48 hours and the number is rapidly climbing.
On Tuesday, NASA announced that three to six K-12 teachers would be selected by early 2004 to join current educator astronaut Barbara Morgan in the flight crew office at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.”

“Spacecraft Films was founded in late 2001 by Mark Gray, who previously worked in the broadcast television business for 20 years, beginning as a producer and most recently as a Station Manager for two television stations in Charlotte, NC. Spacecraft Films was started after Mark left the broadcast business.”

“Check out NASA, particularly, the Glenn Research Center pages.”

“Welcome to the NASA Glenn Research Center. Since 1941, we have been pioneers and innovators who have expanded horizons and opened frontiers for our explorers in air and space. Our Center is responsible for developing and transferring critical technologies that address national priorities in aeropropulsion and space applications. Our work is focused on research for new aeropropulsion technologies, aerospace power, microgravity science, electric propulsion, and communications technologies for aeronautics, space, and aerospace applications.”

“A new spin on the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight.”

“The air rushing out of a balloon pushes the balloon in the opposite direction from the airflow. This is called propulsion. All transportation vehicles have some type of propulsion system. Propulsion systems consist of a source of energy, a way of converting that energy into useful power, and a way of transmitting the power to move the vehicle. In this activity, you will design, build, test, and race a transportation vehicle that uses a balloon as the only energy source. You will use the seven step problem solving process in the design and production of your vehicle.”

“Take a Tour of the Shop and Equipment students use!”

Mark's Science and Technology Page

IMAX Movies

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Group

Alternative Fuels Data Center

American Hydrogen Association

National Fuel Cell Research Center

Hydrogen Energy Center

National Hydrogen Association

The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor

Tower Hobbies

“The A World In Motion (AWIM) program was developed to specifically target elementary and middle school students to peak their interest in math and science right at the time they normally turn away from these areas. AWIM programs are fun. Children enjoy the hands-on activities and teachers value the program's interdisciplinary curriculum supplements in which math, science, engineering, and social studies are all integrated into one unit plan.”

Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics

Hydrogen Outreach Program for Education – HOPE

“HOPE was developed to teach secondary school students about the potential and benefits of hydrogen as a fuel. The curriculum is intended as a supplement to existing instructional materials.”

“The HOPE Curriculum includes over 75 lessons with labs, exercises, and demonstrations. The curriculum highlights the role of environmentally friendly hydrogen techniques, such as fuel cell technology. Relevant learning in physics, biology, earth science, and environmental science are also included. In addition, the lesson activities are designed to reinforce mathematical learning.”

“REB Research & Consulting
Useful Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Renewable Energy Links, Updated December, 2002”

Science experiments at home

College of Education
North Carolina State University

“S.T.E.P Design & Technology 5-16 is a major educational development from the Staffordshire design & Technology Education Programme. It is designed to help teachers to deliver the national curriculum for design & technology.”

“Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics is a "textbook" of information prepared at NASA Glenn Research Center to help you better understand aerodynamics. Click Beginner's Guide Index to access the list of slides. Open the slides called What Is Lift?, Incorrect Theory #1, Incorrect Theory #2, and Incorrect Theory #3 (with text) and read the explanations on lift and the popular incorrect theories on how lift is produced. Then using the information found in these slides, complete the questions below designed to demonstrate your understanding of the theories.”

“Here you'll find...
* Information on what happens in our classes
* Examples of the students' work
* Individual web pages created by the students
* A great place to see how talented our students are”

“GCSTS offers a B.S. Ed. and a M.S. Ed. in Technology Education. Depending on which concentration you take, the degree will qualify you for a management job in industry or a teaching job.”

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