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Teacher Recommended Websites

October 2002 - December 2002

Links for research on minorities and women’s issues

The African-American Teachers' Lounge

“Gender Equity Activities for Teachers
The following lessons, for children from early childhood to high school, will give teachers ideas for Myra Sadker Day lessons. Feel free to adopt or adapt them for your students. These lessons were developed by Jane Lonnquist, Eleanor Saslaw, Sharon Steindam and Linda Weiner, all educators and board members of Myra Sadker Advocates.”

4000 years of Women in Science

“With over 75 chapters, AWIS is the largest multidisciplinary science organization for women in the United States. Membership is open to all--professionals, students, men, women, teachers, writers--who support women in science. By becoming an AWIS member, you can enjoy all of the programs we have to offer, including networking opportunities through our registry, becoming or finding a mentor, and learning about issues facing women internationally.”

“In her book A Vindication of the Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft attacked the educational restrictions that kept women in a "state of ignorance and dependent on men. Feminists in the 1880s agreed with Wollstonecraft that girls should have the same educational opportunities as boys. However, this was very difficult as there were few schools in the country that provided a good academic education for girls. Some feminists like Marie Corbett were forced to educate their daughters, Margery Corbett Ashby and Cicely Corbett Fisher at home.”

“This report, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the enactment of Title IX, has focused on the many gains girls and women have made since 1972 in education and employment. These gains represent a great deal of work by many American men and women, but we still have more to do. As this report was being prepared, an obituary noted that Rose Will Monroe, the model for the famous World War II poster of "Rosie the Riveter," had passed away. The death of Rose Will Monroe reminds us that long before Title IX became law, women were willing to enter the job market in fields from which they are still sometimes excluded.”

“The National Women's History Project is an educational nonprofit organization. Our mission is to recognize and celebrate the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing information and educational materials and programs.”

“The goal of Gender Issues Research Center is to provide resources without the conflict and frustration brought by special interest groups and politicians. Therefore, the material on this web site is compiled from non-partisan departments of the U.S. government and research organizations.”

“The American Association of University Women is a national organization that promotes education and equity for all women and girls. Our commitment to these issues is reflected in our public policy efforts, programs, and diversity initiatives.”

“The Northern Regional Seminar, National Council of Women of New Zealand: Theme: "Women and Economic Development"
Mid-Term Council Meeting of the New Zealand Federation of University Women Auckland-March, 1999”

Women in Higher Education

The Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education

Bilingual Supplies for Children - UK

“The Compton Fellowship is an alternative licensure program for middle school teachers targeting minority career changers who want to become teachers in the urban public schools of Milwaukee. Compton Fellowship provides a unique program that combines learning in the field with learning through coursework.”

“cooperative groups have real reasons to learn English. They become an essential part of the class community. Even beginners can learn the basic vocabulary of the unit you are teaching. Encourage members of the cooperative group to help newcomers learn.”

“Those who use this service constantly send me excellent educational sites they have discovered. Of the dozens of suggestions I receive each week, I try to pick out the most general and resourceful comprehensive sites for our users. In turn, each of these sites have dozens of links to more specialized sites.”
“Women of NASA content area offers opportunities to find out about their education, career journeys, and current work via online profiles, live webchats, interactive video webcasts, and textbased forums. Young women give peer perspectives of working at NASA through their adventure journals, photos and videos.”

Women's education: The history of women (as pupils or teachers) in education.

“A pilot scheme to help black and Asian teachers get into senior and management positions in schools has proved so successful, it is to be expanded.”

“In this Dari book, twenty-five Afghan experts describe the uniquely Afghan processes of war and peace among the various social groups of Afghanistan. Groups such as the Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Sunnis, Shias, women have described their processes in their own words. The manner of war and peace is also reviewed in the family, society, government and international scene as well as in the two official languages of Pashto and Dari. In addition, seven political groups have described their peace platforms. The book was prepared based on a common questionnaire but the authors did not know each other's identity.”

“The Research on Women and Education SIG (RWE) has supported the efforts of women scholars for the past twenty years. The RWE operates as one of some 100 Special Interest Groups in AERA. The RWE SIG actively promotes scholarship on women and girls in education in collaboration with two other women's groups in AERA; the Committee on the Role and Status of Women in Educational Research and Development, and Women Educators. The RWE SIG was established in 1973 and has two major purposes. One is to provide a structure within AERA for the promotion of research concerning women and girls in education. The second is to provide a mechanism to facilitate communication among researchers and practictioners who are concerned about women in education.”

“Multicultural education posters including Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women's History Month, Cinco de Mayo, Disability Employment Awareness Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Gay and Lesbian, Diversity and American Indian History Month. Also videos, World flags and posters, calendars, books and much more.”

“The National Education Association (NEA) recognizes the need for a diverse teaching force in our nation's public schools and is concerned about the diminishing numbers of educators -- particularly minority teachers -- in America's classrooms. Our policies, programs, and varied activities encourage the development of a teaching force that reflects the nation's population and changing demographics. In this regard, the NEA acknowledges the widening gap between our public school's increasing minority student population and the declining numbers of minority teachers.”

“Women Involved in Living and Learning (WILL) is a program that seeks to strengthen and expand the leadership qualities, analytical skills, and self-esteem of undergraduate women through Women's Studies coursework and women/gender-focused programming experiences.”

“Resources on women and education: general information, overviews, women's education in different cultures, and other resources. Kindergarten, ancient and medieval history, philosophy of women's education.”

“Statistics, resources, information and links on women and education. You'll find information about women teachers, women's colleges and more.”

“When public schools were established in the South, segregated school systems provided teaching opportunities for women of both races. Women teachers of color faced all the same career disparities as their white sisters, but were paid even less.”

“The Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology (DFBSST) is an endowment fund which provides scholarships to African-American undergraduate students enrolled in scientific or technical fields of study at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).”

“This Fermilab summer program focuses on giving opportunities in science and technology to the minorities that historically have been underrepresented in science in the United States of America. This program is for undergraduate college students currently enrolled in four-year colleges in the US.”

“Learn the statistics regarding women in high school, college, graduate school, women's colleges and their after school salaries.”

Women’s Educational and Industrial Union
The Shop at the Union

Prep-School Program Opens Doors for Minority Teachers

“Not only are America's schools experiencing a shortage of teachers, the growth of ethnic and minority student enrollment is creating a critical need for minority teachers to provide positive role models for the students. The stakes are high: inspiring a diverse student body to achieve, encouraging parental involvement, and retaining qualified minority teachers.”

“A unique partnership will give minority persons aspiring to become teachers a joint Bachelor of Arts degree from Iowa State and Simpson College, through the George Washington Carver Teacher Education Program.”

“According to the National Education Association, the decline in African American and Hispanic students majoring in education is steeper than the overall decline in education majors. And minority teachers leave teaching at higher rates than white teachers do. Why do so few people of color choose teaching careers? Why do so few stay? Today, Education World writer Glori Chaika explores the issues behind recruiting and retaining minority teachers.”

“As the linguistic and ethnic diversity of schools across the country increases, the number of bilingual educators and teachers of color is on the decline (Lankard, 1994; Torres-Guzman & Goodwin, 1995). Nationally, minorities represent only 13.5 percent of the teacher workforce, but more than 30 percent of the student population (Lenhardt, 2000).”

“The greatest challenge facing educators today is attracting students from a wide range of backgrounds into the teaching profession, said June A. Gordon, author of the new book The Color of Teaching, who gave the keynote address last Friday at the Illinois regional conference of the Association of Teacher Educators.”

“Black and Asian teachers' careers are being hindered by a form of institutional racism, according to a study released yesterday.
Professor Alistair Ross, an academic at the University of North London who has studied 22 local education authorities, says that ethnic minority teachers are not getting promoted at the same rate as their white peers.”

Women in Education - Page 3

“History of women's education from kindergarten through university. Also includes profiles of women educators.”

Women access to education in developing countries.

“Women In Packaging:

  • Provides a forum for packaging education, networking and mentoring for the personal and professional development of women.
  • Promotes and encourages the growth, as well as the success, of women within the packaging industry.
  • Promotes diversity across all levels.
  • Educates the packaging industry about the contributions and potential of qualified women in packaging.
  • Helps to eliminate misconceptions, stereotypes, and discrimination against women in the profession.
  • Acts as a resource on experts and statistics regarding the industry.”

“Colorado Women in Technology (CWIT)
Promoting the success of Colorado's women in technology through the time-honored techniques of networking and education. The group was founded in 1997 by Athena West.”

Women and Education

Education Index Women's Studies

“Welcome to Women, Girls, and Education
developed and maintained by the Women's Studies Section
of the Association of College and Research Libraries”

“Washington Women’s Employment and Education (WWEE) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) agency providing job readiness training and support services to low-income residents of Pierce and King counties in Washington state.”

Women and Education:
A Look at Where We Are
by Jennifer Hicks, Director of Online

“Women and education
Unequal access to education consigns Third World women to lives of low status and large families.”

“The Institute's programs offer hands-on computer-based activities in a fun and interesting environment, explore diverse, technologically connected resources from around the world via the Internet and other modalities.”

“World Learning's Girls' and Women's Education Activity in Guatemala was a collaborative effort among the Government of Guatemala, the country's private sector, local communities, and other partners to understand and overcome obstacles to girls' participation in primary education. Specifically, this USAID-funded activity provided assistance on the national and local levels to promote and facilitate change in the community, classroom, and home that increased the percentage of girls who completed the fifth grade.”

Civil Society Network for Public Education in the Americas – CSNPEA

Minorities, Women and Education

National Association for Women in Education

Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education


Women in Education and Research

“This website was constructed by the Spring 2002 Rhetoric of Anglo-American Feminism class at the University of Texas. We have compiled information on some of the major issues facing women and feminism during the past 200 years, and discussed how the issues have changed over time, and also how they have stayed the same.”

Educational opportunities, the real stimulus for emancipation and development, are now open to women at all levels in the UAE

Other Teacher Recommended Sites

“Welcome to the PRINTMAKER.CO.UK links page for direct links to more PRINTMAKING and ART sites, COMPUTER related sites and other MISCELLANEOUS links.”

The Greatest Paper Airplanes-free download

Links to a Better Education – tips to better learning

Richard Felder's Home Page

GPS Guide for beginners – Manual in PDF format

“In a world full of training systems, Technicomp's stand without equal. Our video-supported training systems offer extraordinary quality and affordability and can be easily implemented by and adapted to your organization.”

PBS In the classroom SCIENCE 911: Car Crash Testing

Are Teachers Overpaid? Article by Tamin Ansary

Unlocking the Mysteries of Great Teaching – Article by Tamin Ansary

Education Standards: An Impossible Goal? Article by Tamin Ansary

Big Chalk Library, has information you can use in Technology Classes

Technology Education by Dean Wadd, Teacher’s Website

Battlebots Curriculum, same as on television

Future Scientists and Engineers of America

Video’s from A & E, Biography, The History Channel

Hometime Construction Video

“Xactimate for Remodelers
Powerful, easy-to-use estimation software designed specifically for remodelers, including the ability to download any of over 440 region-specific price lists, and much more…”

The official Web site of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

Instructional Resources for Pro/DESKTOP Design & Technology

“The Design & Technology in Schools Program (pdf) introduces students to 3D design technology as early as middle school - so they can become better problem solvers, critical thinkers and collaborators. This is about more than just free software - it's about encouraging technological literacy.”

“A video streaming service that delivers clips of educational videos on demand to teachers’ desktop computers has been found to boost student achievement by nearly 13 percent in some Virginia schools. Teachers say the online service helps engage students’ interest while making their lesson-planning easier.”

The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use

James Burke’s KnowledgeWeb Project

RadioShack National Teacher Awards

Virginia Council for Elementary School Technology Education

“The Bugbear e-mail worm (also known as Tanatos) was first seen on Monday, September 30. Since then it has been located in dozens of countries worldwide and continues to spread at an increasing rate. Current statistics show that Bugbear/Tanatos has passed Klez as the most common virus currently in the world. Klez has been the most common virus for almost all of 2002.”

NASA’s Kids Site

NASA Centers' and Facilities Homepages

“One of the best ways to learn about space life sciences is to make a game out it. So that's what we did! Click on any of the links below to play games that will teach you about space flight and what happens to the human body in space. You can also read about what it's like living and working in space or how to become an astronaut...Now get going!”

BotBall Robotics Contest

The Science of Star Trek

Space Link An Aeronautics and Space Resource for Education Since 1988

“A team of master teachers, university faculty, and NASA researchers have created a series of web-based astronomy and astrobiology lessons for the CERES Project.”

This area contains educational materials and information related to NASA Aeronautics and Space Research. Read here to gain information to support classroom instruction.

“A variety of sources for space-related images presented by NASA's Aerospace Education Services Program at Oklahoma State University.”

Dropping In a Microgravity Environment

IBM Education Site

“Pre-Engineering Software Corporation develops and publishes teaching tools for middle and high school that introduce students to the adventure of solving true-life engineering problems while reinforcing their math and science skills.”

Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Technology Department

Akira Toki Middle School Technology Education Department


“BEST: Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology. BEST is an annual high school and middle school robotics competition. Please drop by our message boards if you have any questions concerning BEST.”

The Connecticut Framework K-12 Curricular Goals and Standards - Technology Education (21 pp. entire PDF)

“This is the ORIGINAL event featuring cardboard boats. It originated in 1974 at Southern Illinois University. Now Regattas are enjoyed by more than 1,500 participants and more than 100,000 spectators across the USA each summer, and more communities join the Circuit each year. Family fun, community spirit, and creativity are the key words.”

Teams of 3 are to design and build a boat WITHIN A 2 HOUR TIME PERIOD completely from corrugated cardboard and standard duct tape that will carry 2 members of their team the length of a designated swimming pool in as short a time as possible. For this challenge, a boat is defined as a vessel with at least 3 sides and a bottom. Paddles/oars must also be made from cardboard and duct tape.

Transportation Systems: Two Liter Boat Activity

for custom buttons

for moving, glowing text

for backgrounds, etc.

moving gif files

3D moving text

“ABS has more unique and innovative education activities than any place else! Lots of cool hands-on education activities for science and technology, plus hard-to-find books and software. ABS is not a bunch of craft kits that pass themselves off as education, but real educational activities that require you to think, reason and problem-solve! ABS products feature various vehicles, planes, rocket and engineering activities...plus lots of problem solving components and kits.”

In the summer of 2003, NASA will launch two Mars Exploration Rovers that will land on the Red Planet in January 2004. NASA selected The LEGO Company and The Planetary Society to conduct a contest for students in K-12 grades throughout the United States to submit names for these rovers.

The work in optics that scientists, engineers and technicians do yields ideas and products that make life more convenient for all of us (i.e. CD and DVD players, remote controls, laser printers, copiers, computers and much more). A variety of words and concepts are used to describe and study optics such as electromagnetic radiation, visible light, rays, waves, photons and more. Learn more about optics and its many branches by clicking on the chapters below – let’s get started!

These six experiments demonstrate characteristics of a light bulb.

Morrow High School Technology Education

These engineers work every day to solve problems and make the world a better, cleaner, safer place. These women are also actively involved in their communities, raising families, end enjoying all kinds of sports and hobbies.

"Welcome to WIEO.org, The Women In Engineering Organization Website! WIEO.org was created because the field of engineering needs more women who can bring innovative ideas to the industry."

"Mission WEPAN's mission is to be a catalyst for change to enhance the success of women in the engineering profession."

Article about Tech Teacher Terrie Rust

Technology PowerPoint Presentation- Terrie Rust

Terrie Rust’s WebPage

This Web site section presents the European view on the International Space Station. It explains the reasons why Europe is participating in the programme, introduces the European-built hardware elements, and describes the utilisation potential of the station.

Centripetal Force

NYSTEA Webpage

“Technology's promises are many, but those dreams have not been realized for everyone. The goal of the WestEd RTEC is to deliver on technology's promise to improve education for the children who need it the most -- the disadvantaged students in the lower performing schools in our region (Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah).”

“NCS Pearson is passionate about education. Our innovative products and services help teachers, administrators, parents, and students achieve their objectives. We provide industry-leading administrative software and student information systems that help schools operate efficiently. Our electronic curriculum products help teachers customize instruction to individual needs.”

“The major market for the early lathes was in schools and colleges for teaching metalwork. Boxford rapidly expanded their range by developing improved models of their popular lathes and other machine tools such as milling machines, drills, shapers, and grinders. For the last two decades we have also been supplying CNC machines to industry, education and training establishments all over the world. Over 60,000 Boxford machines tools have been supplied in over 200 countries giving both reliability and durability to their users.”

The World Leader in the Manufacture and Supply of Computerized Machines, Systems, and Software for Education, Training, and Prototyping.

Disney’s Technology and Innovation Webpage

APRIL 10-12, 2003

The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use

Free PicNic Table Plans
You can cut out and assemble this beautiful picnic table from scratch.

‘March is National Women's History Month, a time to honor the achievements of American women and to recognize the historical impact of those achievements. This month, expand your students' knowledge about the many ways in which women sustain the American spirit by posing a question a day about women's history! Included: Links to sites detailing the accomplishments of 23 remarkable American women.”

- Expose students to career options in emerging technologies.
- Encourage a strong foundation in math and the sciences during high school.
Science and Math Applications in Real-World Technologies for Girls (SMART Girls) is an initiative devised by a group of faculty women, and supported by the College to counter an alarming academic and societal pattern:”

“The Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Program at Western Washington University is dedicated to the enrichment and education of K-12 pre-service teachers. The program's director and a dynamic group of faculty provide students with unique perspectives and talents from their academic disciplines.”

“Welcome to Central, a comprehensive, public university committed to service and excellence. Our mission is dedicated to providing personalized higher education experiences for a diverse body of students.”

“Technology Scavenger Hunt -Track Description: This track is designed to assist middle school Technology Education students with the task of sorting through the vast amount of information found on the Internet. Each link addresses different areas studied in the Technology Learning Center. This track is an activity used during an 8-day, Introduction to the Internet module, in an effort to introduce basic web site navigation.”

Assorted Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts: Searching for Treasure on the Internet!

Spartanburg District 3, County Schools
Using Scavenger Hunts

Internet Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Scavenger Hunts

Pleasant Grove Elementary School Scavenger Hunts

Internet Scavenger Hunts

Internet Treasure Hunts for Students

Webhound's Scavenger Hunt

A World Wide Web Scavenger Hunt

“Unlocking that potential is the mission of the Christopher Columbus Awards program, a cutting-edge, national competition that combines science and technology with community problem-solving in a real-world setting.”

Scavenger Hunts

“The Chrysler "Build Your Dream Vehicle" (BYDV) program offers high school students and teachers a program that integrates technology and career education into the academic core curriculum. Teamwork, marketing, finance design, and communication strategies encourage the application of learning to real-life situations.”

CNET: The Computer Network Glossary

Assessment is authentic when we directly examine student performance on worthy intellectual tasks. Traditional assessment, by contract, relies on indirect or proxy 'items'--efficient, simplistic substitutes from which we think valid inferences can be made about the student's performance at those valued challenges.
Written by Grant Wiggins”

“PlasmaLink Web Services provides the Glossary of Instructional Strategies as a resource for all educators.”

Basic 4 Cycle Theory simulation

Basic 2 Cycle Theory simulation

TECH TV 'CyberCrime' Glossary

Tech Ed Concepts, Inc.

“SketchUp is deceptively simple, yet amazingly powerful software for creating, viewing, modifying and communicating 3D design concepts quickly and easily. Designed to enhance creativity and productivity; Sketchup is the perfect compliment to other AEC and creative applications. Now available for Mac OS X and Windows, SketchUp costs only $475 as a downloadable copy.”

“Engineering has been called the "invisible profession" or the "stealth profession" because most people have no clue what engineers do. This is unfortunate, because everything in society is linked to engineering.
Great Site!”

Amateur Radio Education Project
"The Big Project"
Pilot School Application

“The A World In Motion (AWIM) program was developed to specifically target elementary and middle school students to peak their interest in math and science right at the time they normally turn away from these areas. AWIM programs are fun. Children enjoy the hands-on activities and teachers value the program's interdisciplinary curriculum supplements in which math, science, engineering, and social studies are all integrated into one unit plan.”

“Contact AMA today to learn how you can join one of the world's most thrilling and high tech sports, model aviation. Whether you want to hear the whine of a turbine-powered jet, learn to fly a helicopter, pilot your own giant-scale aircraft, or enjoy a quiet afternoon soaring your sailplane with friends, the AMA can show you where to find instructors, how to become involved, and help answer almost any question.”

The Magic of Flight
39 minutes.
Available in NTSC, PAL, and NTSC SVHS.
Relive the historic first flight of the Wright Brothers, then soar
with the world-famous Blue Angels as they defy the laws of
gravity with their most breathtaking maneuvers.$29.95

“The Triangle Coalition will be holding a national conference next March entitled "Informing Policy in Support of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education." The two-day event (March 3-4, 2003) will be held at The Capitol Hill Club in Washington, DC. The conference is co-sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions, and the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. Speakers will include members of Congress and representatives from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and NASA. Registration is $125 per person.”

“National Engineers Week promotional products are available by phone or mail.
Order early and allow two to three weeks for delivery. We look forward to receiving your order.”

“Also, while you are at the site, check out free activities.”

“During July 2003, ten pilot workshops will be held, each consisting of five (5-member) educator teams targeting grades 5-8, expanding to other grade levels in the future. Competitive application and selection of pilot teams will be based on criteria with a requirement that at least one member of a team must have previous experience in a NASA teacher enhancement program, such as NEW or the NASA MURED K-12 program.”

NASA Education Website

“Future Scientists and Engineers of America (FSEA) is a national non profit organization which provides the structure, project material, documentation and workshop training necessary to establish after school technology clubs in K-12 schools. The FSEA program focuses on technology and can easily and readily be implemented in every school.”

“TSA's new publication for elementary level teachers, The Great Technology Adventure-Technology Learning Activities Guide, contains twenty-seven technology learning activities (TLAs) and a variety of resource materials that will enhance teaching and learning in the elementary classroom.”

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