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Teacher Recommended Websites

January 2002– June 2002

Nassau Technology Educators Association

Associació del Professorat de Tecnologia de Catalunya (APTC) (Spain)

Ohio Technology Education Association

Connecticut's content and performance standards outline

Cherokee High School

Professor Jim Flowers WebSite

Louisiana Technology Student Association

Technology Student Association (TSA)

Georgia Industrial Technology Education Association (GITEA)

Winner High School Web page.

Award Programs

The Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards program is a hands-on/minds-on project.

iDesign Awards - Honoring Design Innovation

Autodesk Awards of Excellence

RadioShack National Teacher Awards Program

The Intel® Innovation in Education Initiative

Text Book Companies



Prentice Hall


Teacher Created Materials

Learning Styles Resources

learning styles assessment tool

Meyers-Briggs assessment tool

Learning Styles Assessment Tool

Access Learning Styles On Line Forum

Article on learning styles + other teaching resources, articles, and related links

Dr. Richard Felder’s home page; includes links to learning styles research and online assessment tool…

*same as the www.crc4mse.org/ILS/Index.html

Assessment and Rubrics Resources

Sample rubrics to help you create your own rubrics; links to additional resources

Links to general sites on assessment and evaluation

Rubric bank, information on how to create a rubric and performance assessment scoring rubrics

Online tool to help teachers develop rubrics

Information on rubrics (what, why, etc.) and a demo version of a rubric builder you can download and use for a limited time

Contains a variety of rubrics already created for a variety of topics/assignments that you can print in Adobe Acrobat

Create your own checklists for project based learning

Information on rubrics, how to's, templates and evaluation resources; also includes links to additional websites

A rubric bank where teachers have already created and stored their rubrics; you search for a rubric by keyword



Build A One Transistor FM Radio

Water Rockets

Puzzle Games

Welcome to your complete source for mouse trap car and racer projects.

Mousetrap Cars

Mousetrap Cars and Boats

What's New In Mousetrap Cars and More

Mousetrap powered cars.

Mousetrap car pictures

Mousetrap Cars, Boats, Books, Kits, and Workshops

Pitsco Mousetrap Vehicles

Mousetrap Cars

The Great Moonbuggy Race

Thinking Maps®

The Concept Mapping Homepage

An Introduction to Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation

The Concept Mapping Workshop

SCANS' Five Competencies

AXYZ Education Initiative

Tech Ed Concepts, Inc.

FIRST Robotics

SME Robotics

RI/SME Robotics Challenge


Technically Speaking Web Site

Technically Speaking: Resources and Links

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

800 Photographs of great buildings from around the world

WPAFB Educational Outreach Office

Center for Environmental Education & Natural History at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio).

Championship Event USFIRST Robotics

Discovery - Harley-Davidson

Scantron's products

PTC: Product Development Professionals

Bridge Building

Black Inventions and Inventors

Integrated Lesson Plans


Blue Web'n is an online library of 1700+ outstanding Internet sites

Universal Laser Systems, Inc.

Industrial Laser Solutions

Intel® PlayTM Digital Movie Creator

Funny Tugboat Pictures


Rule of Thumb Measuring System: Both English and Metric [LARGE PRINT]

Incredible library of information!
Well organized and very useful. You can search by subject or by grade level. Offers hundreds of additional links for more lesson plans. Good place to start!

This is a collection of lesson plans (divided by grade level) for K-12 in the areas of language arts, math, science and social studies, as well as miscellaneous. Last update was July, 1998, but still has some great ideas!

Over 1,000 lesson plans are contained here, submitted by practicing teachers in any area you could imagine. There is also a search, by keyword(s), to search for a specific topic, which is a wonderful feature when you are pressed for time.

Easy to navigate, arranged by subject, then grade level. Each lesson plan section also provides additional links for worksheets, etc.

One of my favorites is Excellent site for teachers, with a great database of information including worksheets, a quiz center, etc. You can link to Kathy Shrock¹s list of teacher sites as well.

Chock full of wonderful ideas and lesson plans. Even has a link to seasonal lessons, which features ideas for holidays. The site even includes a printable lesson plan template.

Geared more for the teachers of younger students, K-6. Contains literature extensions, seasonal coloring pages to print, and a Œteacher chat¹, where you can share ideas with other teachers.

This site provides links to lesson plan resources by categories, which include English and writing, history, math, PE and health, science, general and special needs.

A wonderful resource, especially for current events. There is a daily multiple choice current events quiz (5 questions) which can be printed out for use in the classroom. There is a new lesson plan every day, as well as an archive section of previous lessons. This site is loaded with additional resources and links.

This site offers great information primarily for K-6. There are wonderful worksheets ready to print, which can be nice in a pinch!

Great site with tons of ideas, from bulletin boards, to games you can download, such as Homeworkopoly, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, etc. Of course, there are hundreds of lesson plans, too!

Geared more for K-6ŠChock full of ideas and printable worksheets with good maps of US states by regions, along with ready-made quizzes on the state capitals.

If you are looking for theme-based ideas, this is the site with over 150 themes across the curriculum, with ideas, ready to print worksheets, etc.

Another good site, with several printable worksheets for students, such as book
reports, rough draft guidelines (for research papers), business letters, etc. You
must register to access this information, but it¹s all free!

This is the support site for Houghton Mifflin, and it comes with quizzes and worksheets to parallel their textbooks.

This site features more ideas than actual lesson plans, but it¹s worth checking out. Included are contests, reviews of recently published children¹s literature, and behavior management ideas.

No list would be complete without this one. It is loaded with ideas for across the curriculum. You can search by grade level or by subject, with drop down windows featuring subtopics. Offers great links to other sites as well.

This is a LONG URL but it will get you there! This site highlights several interactive projects around the world.

Well organized by elementary, middle, and high school Features an ³On This Day In History² section, ³This Week Is ____ (ex. Fire Prevention Week, etc.), ³This Month Is ______². Also includes many seasonal ideas and activities.

Several lesson plans available by subject. You can also narrow your search by grade level, and/or keyword. There is an archives of past lessons, as well as a link to their featured site. (I don¹t know how often they change the featured site.)

Loaded with teacher information, ranging from holiday ideas, to online training and education. You can sign up for their free newsletter which will be emailed weekly full of additional ideas and information. (You can select just the lesson Plans², if you wish!)

Hundreds of worksheets, puzzles, seasonal ideas galore!! Includes a vocabulary section on multiple worksheets for Grades 1-6, spelling worksheets for Grades 1-12, and an SAT section with the top 3000 vocabulary words used on past SAT¹s. Whew!

This is a site for kids to study vocabulary, etc. through a game format. Teachers can enter their vocabulary words, study questions, etc. for kids to access and practice.

Contains lesson plans organized by grade ranges, then subcategories. One negative about this site is the subcategories have cutesy titles and you have to click on it to really see what it¹s about it can be time consuming. (I¹m just spoiled by instant info!)

Global Schoolhouse Network is a collaborative site for teachers to share ideas.
Here you will find a project registry, whereby you can join an ongoing project with another school, or start one of your own! Or you might want to join an expedition already in progress, emailing kids¹ questions to the participants. The GeoGame is an awesome activity where students try to match ten lists of clues to the ten cities they describe, using latitude measures, weather, points of interest, etc. Winning students instantly receive a colorful award to print out and proudly display.

If you want Checklists, look no further. You can customize your checklists and let the computer do the rest, to produce an instant printable checklist on a variety of topics. This site is a teacher¹s best friend.

This is a wonderful site with a printable page for homonym practice. It is a one page story with fill in the blank choices, and can be completed on the computer or as a hard copy.

This is a spinoff from the site above, but I felt compelled to include it as a separate one because it is AWESOME for spelling practice! The child (or teacher) can first type in their spelling words. They can then begin the interactive spelling practice with one word appearing for a couple seconds. Then a big hand slowly covers it, allowing the child the opportunity to spell it correctly.

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling test prep site Rules are explained simply, and quizzes are provided for additional practice. The links provided are beneficial, too!

Database of language arts lesson plans, divided by grade levels (K-5; 6-8; 9-12). You do have to read through to search for what you want. I wish they were listed alphabetically.

Dr. B¹s On-Line Lesson Resources. Includes study guides to be used as enrichment to literature read in classes. Some advice on sentence diagramming as well!

This is an excellent site for accessing study guides for popular children¹s literature. There is a notice on their site today (10-25-01) that says it is down temporarily, but keep checking backŠit¹s worth it.

Great site for definitions of grammar terms and rules, interactive practice, and handouts for teachers. Very easy to navigate.

This site is full of kids¹ writing on a variety of subjects. It¹s easy to submit your own students¹ writing as a reward for a job well done! There is also a feature for teachers to share ideas, and ask for participants for email projects, etc.

Welcome to the Wacky World of Words! This site is loaded with word puzzles and games. Anagrams, similes, oxymorons, and fractured fractions (Example: take the first 1/2 of what + the last 3/5 of there, and you get the word where.) There are also mystery words, with four clues provided. You could give one clue per day leading up to the answer given on Fridays and reward those who guess it early!

This is Houghton Mifflin¹s website which parallels some of their textbooks. Included is a teacher forum where you can share ideas and learn new ones! Also found here are graphic organizers, rubrics to evaluate writing, grammar quizzes, etc. Worth checking!

This site offers hundreds of Aesop¹s fables to read and enjoy. No worksheets are included, but if it¹s a collection of Aesop¹s fables you¹re looking for, look no further!

If you are into storytelling, this is the place! Lots of lesson plans and activities, along with curriculum ideas and exchanges.

This is an online variation to Booklist magazine, and offers current book reviews for all ages. (from the American Library Association)

Teaching K-8 magazine sponsors this site, and it offers a collection of book reviews along with ways to use the books in the classroom across the curriculum.

Great site for additional resources to children¹s reading. Additional links for teachers to access lesson plan archives.

Cute site that walks you through the creation of your very own newspaper! Great place to experiment and learn the ins and outs of journalism.

The Grammar Lady posts online articles and answers questions related to grammar.

Grandpa Tucker¹s Rhymes and Tales cute site full of amusing stories, poems, songs, and rhymes. Also included are poems submitted by children.

Good resource for definitions and examples of all the parts of speech.

Wonderful site where children (and teachers!) can submit book reviews to be published on the site. There are lesson plans, games, addresses for children¹s authors, contests, and much more.

Good for PK-3, this site is loaded with activities on teaching phonics. There is a teacher sharing feature, as well as additional links geared for teachers.

Mega list of stories, folklore, myths, legends and fairy tales from around the world. organized also by country, if you prefer. Included for fun are campfire stories, tall tales, Christmas stories, and Native American legends. Lesson plans are available as well as general tips for teaching a unit on this subject.

This is an easily navigated site for quick references on topics related to writing and language. Definitions and examples are included on topics including alliteration; essay writing tips, grammar, and punctuation. Contests, games, and lesson plans are included also.

Great site for vocabulary practice! Activities include fill in the blank, crosswords, matching definitions, and synonym and antonym games for every level. Great section on SAT prep also!

No list for language arts would be complete without the Caldecott Medal
Winners! A complete list of winners is provided, along with helpful links for teachers and fun links for kids as well!

Not to be outdone by the above site is the complete list of Newbery winners.
Included are reviews of recent winners, with large pictures of the book accompanying each review.

Check out the Œcool¹ word of the day and encourage your students to use it sometime during the day.

This site simply offers a Quote of the Day, no more, no less. You can click within for additional quotes. Students can click until they find a quote of interest and write a paragraph on what the quote means to them.

The International Reading Association site provides the latest information on research, upcoming conferences, international projects, etc.

The National Council of Teachers of English site includes lesson plans, ideas, and a discussion forum.

If you¹ve ever listened to a Schoolhouse Rock song, you know how effective they can be to teach a variety of concepts! The lyrics to all their songs are found in this site!

A good science site which features daily activities and home demos¹ of experiments. This site is slow to load, but while waiting for the graphics, it will hit you with tidbits of trivia every 10 seconds.

Great selection of dinosaur images. Although the text is written for older students, younger ones will enjoy the pictures.

Interesting variety of information included here, from viewing a solar eclipse to playing memory games. There are links to other science related sites also.

The JASON PROJECT is a multimedia extension of science, geography, and math curriculums. The educational information is presented through video clips, interactive media, along with a printable version. Great site!

This site, sponsored by NASA, is devoted to space flight and offers curriculum and instructional materials in the areas of math, history, geography, and language arts. It also contains great links to other aerospace sites and resources.

This is the National Science Foundation website, loaded with science information.

The National Wildlife Federation offers activities to download for your students. There are clubs for kids, educator workshops, and habitat projects to do.

This is an overview of the scientific knowledge of the planets, complete with beautiful images, and some include sound as well. Great multimedia tour of the solar system.

Great graphics and sound! Included are lesson plans, games, images, demos, movies, message forums and additional links to space related sites. Another feature is instructions to download for making a scale model of the solar system, how to create a space exploration timeline in your classroom, and many others. Check it out!

The Science Learning Network site is funded by the National Science Foundation, and features information on several museums. Great pictures are included of the various stages of a butterfly, mummies, ocean life, etc.

This is an incredible site LOADED with beautiful pictures and vast amounts of information covering the topics of oceanography and astronomy. This is an excellent site for students to access for reports on any marine animal, or subtopic of astronomy. There are even a few games with which to reward their efforts. Easy to navigate and well done.

This is a multimedia biology lesson that I wish I had had in 7th grade! Step-by-step instructions and pictures make the Net-Frog a popular website to hop¹ to and visit.

Not as good as the Net-Frog above, but the drawings of this pig dissection are easy to see and instant definitions of the labeled items are just a click away.

One of my favorites, this site is a jackpot of information on all the volcanoes of the world. Lesson plans can be found here, along with activities and games for kids. You can search for a volcano by name or description. Great pictures and links to additional resources.

The Why Files is an incredible discovery of information. It is written in kid friendly terms and students might find themselves just reading through some of the interesting topics. This address is, of course, the opening page and has a fascinating step-by-step heart transplant, complete with pictures. If you click on The Why Files In Education, you will find topics broken down by grade level ranges of 5-8 and 9-12.

Bugs in the News, both good and bad! Much of this site is made up of articles geared more for high school level reading. The archives is loaded with questions such, as ³What the heck is Mad Cow Disease? And what the heck is an egg yolk?²

Great site of 3 minute animated movie clips on a variety of topics for kids. There is an online multiple choice quiz following each clip for the viewer to complete. Topics include computer technology, food chains, energy sources, anthrax, body systems, and plate tectonics.

This is a Cool Science site for kids! Written in kid friendly terms, this site is a great place for the curious child to explore. There are experiments along with tons of facts.

The Explore Zone is a great place to start researching a topic of interest. It focuses on information related to earth, weather sciences, and space, and is easy to navigate. Worth checking out!

This is an incredible science search engine, accessing a vast amount of information across all grade levels. You can search for any science related topic. Also included is a whole section devoted to math.

This is the Museum of Science site. Good information is a little cumbersome to navigate.

Awesome resource of information! Here you will find an online exploration of the heart and circulatory system, as well as science activities to do at home or school, puzzles, etc. Written in kid friendly terms and easy to follow.

Goddard¹s Science Question of the Week posts a weekly science question and answer. The archives includes the last three year¹s worth of questions, enough to satiate the most inquisitive kid!

Welcome to the Great Plant Escape! This is designed for 4th and 5th grade science students, and introduces them to the world of plant science and how food grows. There are activities for students to work independently or in small groups.

Meet the MAD Scientist! Kids will love the graphics and the cool¹ way information is presented. You will find experiments, activities and lots of information in the MADLabs and the MADSci Library. Students may email GOOD questions to a team of scientists, but first should check the archives for a similar question.

If you are looking for an up-to-date list of Nobel Prize winners, look no further. Included is biographical information on each.

Rainforest Australia offers text and images on the many different layers of life within a rainforest, such as canopy, understory, floor, waterfalls, and specific species of life.

Reeko provides many science experiments kids can complete on their own or in class. Sample subjects are buoyancy, building a Œreal¹ volcano, pressure, and more.

Thinkquest is a library of wonderful activities for students! You can search by keyword for great projects for the entire class to become involved with for several days!

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet! Here you will find all the gross, but factual, stuff you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

APLUS MATH is a great site if you want instant math sheets created for you full of problems!! You can click on the number of problems you wish, the level of difficulty, and the skill you are addressing, then click create, and you have an instant worksheet, ready to print. There are interactive features in the form of flashcards and puzzles that students will enjoy.

Online flashcards for kids to practice their math facts. Other drills can be found here as well.

Formerly the forum.Swarthmore site, The Math Forum houses hundreds of lesson plans divided by grade ranges, ready for you to choose. Included are printable worksheets, problem of the week, and a teacher2teacher sharing section. Great place to start!

Another feature of the above-mentioned site, but is great for tips to solve mathematical problems quickly! Includes tips on squaring, finding percents, multiplying, etc.

Ask Dr. Math answers math questions you (or students!) submit. They are archived and divided among elementary/middle school and high school/college/and beyond.

This Eduplace site features a weekly brain teaser, with an archives of past problems. It is divided by grade ranges, for easy access to appropriate levels of difficulty.

If you need a math table of any kind, this is the place. Included are tips and ideas on how to use them.

I listed this under science sites, but it has an extensive collection of math lesson
plans also. Easy to navigate, and narrow down your searches.

This resource has lists of ³things I¹d rather not figure out on my own such as the 1.2 million digits of pi, the first 25,000 odd prime numbers, etc.

Welcome to the Geometry Center. Colorful graphics add to the attractiveness of this site. Some of the features include symmetry, tilings, polyhedra and tetrahedral puzzles.

Gordon¹s Games is a site that is just that it is full of sets of instructions for games children can play to sharpen their math skills using regular playing cards, etc.. It is a teacher site, not for students. No graphics, just directions.

This is a list of other math sites mainly for Primary grades. Looked like some good resources!

Math Goodies is a great site for lessons plans on a variety of math topics. Included are crossword puzzles and word searches using math vocabulary. Great resource!

Math Counts is a site geared for Middle School students in preparing for math competitions, but whether you have a team or not, it¹s a great resource for word problems. Here you will find a problem of the week, which is posted every Monday. There is also a game of solving problems as you climb a mountain. Any way you choose to use this resource, there are great problems!

This Ole Miss site offers a Problem of the Week for Elementary level students. The web page design is attractive and offers an online calculator to the left of the problem for the kids to use, which they will love. Random winners are drawn (from correct entries) and receive a free calculator.

This is a list of additional math games and puzzles found on line.

Here¹s another one full of online games and puzzle resources.

This Plane Math site is more than Œplain¹Šit¹s got great graphics (requires Shockwave) to demonstrate the concept of flight, geometric shapes pilots see from the air, etc. Incorporates math and aeronautics. Check it out!

Word Problems For Kids is loaded with word problems, categorized by grade level. It is designed to be used by students and teachers alike. If the student needs a hint, they can click on the link for additional help.

The Math League site features sample tests the students can practice on to bone up for the GA Math League Test given in the spring. Also include info on test dates, etc.

Hyper History is an excellent site, rated in the top 30 by The History Channel and the Discovery Channel. Very well laid out, this site provides instant timelines of information at your choosing. You may select time periods to show only influential people during that era, events, or beautiful maps of that era. Also included is a list of additional websites depicting history. A great place for students to reference for information.

If you are seeking Outline Maps, this is the place to start. You can find political maps, with and without labels, of many countries, all listed alphabetically.

This Ongoing Voyage is rich with information on the voyages of Christopher Columbus, and the impacts he made on the discovery of the New World.

Country Library is a stockpile of information on every country in the world. The countries are arranged alphabetically within each continent, and with a click of your mouse, you have an instant factual profile.

Welcome to Flints and Stones! This site takes the viewer on a tour of prehistoric times, and addresses the myths of the era. Well done.

All-inclusive site! The History Channel site has everything you ever wanted to know about history, but were afraid to search. Here you will find speeches, This Day in History¹, lesson ideas, a chance to play History IQ and much more.. This has always been one of my favorites.

This History/Social Studies for K-12 Teachers is loaded with great ideas, and is categorized by skills, as well as general topics pertaining to history. Wonderful links also. You could spend hours perusing this site.

If you want Checklists, look no further. You can customize your checklists and let the computer do the rest, to produce an instant printable checklist on a variety of topics. This site is a teacher¹s best friend.

Another one of my favorites is the WEBQUEST page has awesome online activities to be completed in small groups. These are very well done, right down to the evaluation procedures to be used. Excellent site!

This Martin Luther King, Jr. site has a vast amount of information on this famous man, and is easy to navigate. You will find a timeline of his life, along with a civil rights timeline. Also included are excerpts from his more famous speeches, a study guide, interactive quiz and more.

The Middle Ages are examined here is this well laid out site. Included are feudal life, religion, homes, clothing, health, arts, town life, and a host of related links. Easy to read format.

This is one of the most extensive lists of Social Studies Resources I have seen. You could spend hours here reading through the massive list of lesson plans, online activities, teaching strategies, etc. Excellent!

Great list of social studies projects categorized by grade level. Although the majority of the projects are related to social studies, many are conducive to cross curriculum.

A virtual¹ book on Benjamin Franklin, this is an interesting biographic site on one of our great Americans. There are activities for the students to do and a QuickTime movie, along with informative content.

The American Civil War Homepage is a well maintained site, frequently updated, and loaded with Civil War facts written in an easy to follow format. Here you will find battle data, Civil War music, and biographical information of the major figures, Matthew Brady photographs, and so much more.

This American West site is very extensive and explores the history of the area, the people, and the places that make up this vast part of our country. Wonderful links to additional sites on this topic.

Excellent site containing main facts of every country in the world. Students of all ages will find this easy to search, and perhaps use for school reports.
Wonderful maps are found here also.

Biography of America is the companion site to the video series and covers American history using text, maps, images and transcripts from the videos.

Wonderful site of Colonial Williamsburg, and all that it has to offer. Although it appears to be geared for tourist info, the images and information are good for kids to view.

This is another vast list of Social Studies Resources where you could begin a search.

The History Net site is a valuable resource for those interested in a collection of articles from magazines such as British Heritage, American History, Historic Traveler, etc.

This Timeline site is really amazing. You can type in anyone¹s name, famous or not, along with beginning and ending dates (birth year and death year, or present) and an instant timeline is created, showing historical events which occurred in their lifetime. It is up to date, including our recent October 7 attack on Afghanistan.

Type in a student¹s birthday and instantly, you receive a list of events that have happened on his/her special day each year of his/her life.

This Day In History highlights major events all over the world that occurred on the current day. Also includes facts such as the number of days left in the year, (or next holiday!), and other names for this particular day.

Take a virtual journey on the Underground Railroad as an escaped slave. You are faced with choices you must make along the way to freedom in Philadelphia. Good luck!

A second grade class put together this site, full of information about the Underground Railroad, complete with a crossword puzzle!

Well done site, loaded with information about the Underground Railroad, Abolitionists, etc. Worth checking out!

This is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center homepage. There¹s some good information here also.

Macro Enter Corporation

Welcome to Webwise - Lessons using the WWW

West Point Bridge Designer 2003

Pre-Engineering Software Corporation

Rhino Teacher Training

Creative Crane Competition

An Aeronautics and Space Resource

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