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Introduction to Technological Literacy Standards Briefings

ITEEA has prepared a set of ten videos on one compact disk (CD) that does a great job of explaining the ITEEA Standards for Technological Literacy (STL), Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy (AETL), the four Addenda publications to STL and AETL, and other topics relevant to the standards. These are called the Technological Literacy Standards Briefings.

The videos on this CD are personal, one-on-one presentations by experienced education professionals that were developed for teacher candidates, practicing teachers, supervisors/administrators, curriculum specialists, or anyone who wants to learn more about standards-based resources or marketing programs. Perfect for the teacher educator, they bring well-known guest speakers—including ITEEA staff and the ITEEA Standards Specialists—right into your office or lecture hall!

The video briefings include these topics:

• Technological Literacy for All - Presented by Bill Havice, DTE
• Standards for Technological Literacy (STL) - Presented by Bill Dugger, DTE
• Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy (AETL) - Presented by Elazer Barnette
• Standards-Based Program Development - Presented by Barry Burke, DTE
• Overview of ITEEA’s Technological Literacy Agenda - Presented by Michael Daugherty
• Realizing Excellence (Addenda Guide on Program Development) - Presented by Anna Sumner, DTE
• Measuring Progress (Addenda Guide on Assessment) - Presented by Elazer Barnette
• Planning Learning (Addenda Guide on Curriculum Development) - Presented by Steve Shumway
• Developing Professionals (Addenda Guide on Professional Development) -Presented by Ed Reeve, DTE
• Public Awareness of the Study of Technology - Presented by Shelli Meade

Each video lasts approximately 15 minutes. The format includes a split screen, which shows both a presenter and a text screen. Viewers may watch the videos in order (see above listing) or access them individually.

Visit and click on Publications to order a copy of the Technological Literacy Standards Briefings CD.

We hope that you will learn more about ITEEA’s Standards for Technological Literacy, Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy, and their related standards-based publications by viewing these great educational videos.

"Promoting Technological Literacy for All"

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