These Presentations were developed from a grant to ITEA by the National Education Association.

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ITEA would like to thank the National Education Association for the funding provided for the Technological Literacy Standards Briefings. Additionally, ITEA would like to thank Sonic Foundry, Clemson University, Technology for All Americans Project, the Council for Technology Teacher Education (CTTE), and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Technology and Science (CATTS). The planning committee for these Briefings included Kendall Starkweather, William E. Dugger, Jr., Bill Havice, Shelli Meade, and Barry Burke. Special appreciation is given to the rich media production team including Bill Havice, Levi Shook and Stacy Whitaker of Clemson University, and Ian Vogel of Sonic Foundry, who were responsible for recording the presenters in the Briefings CD.

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