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TfAAP Presentations

Pertaining to the Technological Literacy Standards and their Addenda

Note: The ITEA-TfAAP webpages are intended to present the reader with an historical perspective of the project and the ground-breaking work it accomplished. The TfAAP web pages are archival and will not continue to be updated. After the TfAAP web pages were archived in January 2006, ITEA had a name change and became the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). The name was not changed on these archival pages.

The presentations that follow were created to promote understanding of the technological literacy standards* articulated in the publications entitled Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology (STL) and Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy: Student Assessment, Professional Development, and Program Standards (ATEL). Use of the presentations is encouraged. Credit should be given to the International Technology Education Association (ITEA) and its Technology for All Americans Project (TfAAP).
Warning: The titles of the presentations are linked to files in Microsoft PowerPoint® format. Unless your computer uses a Microsoft Windows operating system or you are using a Mac platform, you will be unable to open and view these files. If you are unfamiliar with the PowerPoint® format, please read Opening Files in Specialized Formats before clicking on the links.

STL and AETL - Together, STL and AETL provides direction for the effective study of technology.* The following presentations will help you learn how these two documents can be used to advance student attainment of technological literacy in Grades K—12.
The Complete Picture: STL and AETL (39 slides, file size 2.48 MB).
STL & AETL: An Overview, 2004 ITEA Conference, Albuquerque (43 slides, file size 8.62 MB) )
The Complete Picture: STL and AETL, CATTS/Standards Specialists Meeting, Baltimore, MD, September 23, 2005 (87 slides, file size 16.83 MB) )
Using Technological Literacy Standards to Develop Curriculum and Assess Student Learning - Aimed at elementary levels (26 slides, file size 993 KB)

STL - Interested specifically in STL? The ITEA Presentation of STANDARDS FOR TECHNOLOGICAL LITERACY (September 2000) provides a background of the development of STL and offers an overview of its content (25 slides, file size 1.94 MB). ).

AETL - Particularly Interested in learning more about AETL? The presentations that follow provide an overview of each of the three sets of standards in AETL.
Student Assessment Standards (33 slides, file size 5.72 MB) ).
Professional Development Standards (35 slides, file size 5.2 MB) ).
Program Standards (42 slides, 4.02 MB) ).

Addenda - The Addenda contain practical suggestions and assisstance. The following presentations provide an overview of them.
Addenda to the Standards: ITEA Conference Kansas City, MO, April 3, 2005, 2:00 pm (52 slides, file size 6.86 MB)
Realizing Excellence: Structuring Technology Programs, ITEA Standards Specialists and CATTS Meeting, September 23-25, 2005, Baltimore, MD ( slides, file size 2.56 MB).
Measuring Progress and Planning Learning (42 slides, file size 2.41 MB).
Developing Professionals: Preparing Technology Teachers - ITEA Standards Specialist and CATTS Meeting September 23-25, 2005, Baltimore, MD (35 slides, file size 2.36 MB).

Public Awareness - Fostering Public Awareness is the next step in promoting the standards-based reform of Technology Education.
Public Awareness of Technological Literacy: ITEA 2005 Conference, Kansas City (47 slides, file size 1.63 MB) )

TfAAP staff members authored the presentations accessible through this web page. The project was initiated and administered by ITEA and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It achieved its successful conclusion and ended in October 2005.
* Consult the Condensed Glossary for the applicable meaning(s) of the denoted term(s).

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