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Suite 201
Reston, VA 20191
(703) 860-2100
FAX (703) 860-0353




Alaska - Alaska Career and Technology Education Association
Arizona - Arizona Technology and Industrial Education Association
Arkansas - Arkansas Technology and Engineering Educators
Australia Technology Education Federation of Australia
California - California Industrial Technology Education Association
Central New York - Central New York Technology Education Association
Colorado - Colorado Technology Education Association
Connecticut - Connecticut Technology and Engineering Education Association
Delaware - Delaware Technology Education Association
Florida - Florida Technology and Engineering Education Association
Georgia - Georgia Engineering and Technology Education Association
Idaho - Technology Education Association of Idaho
Iowa - Iowa Industrial Technology Education Association
Illinois - Technology Education Association of Illinois
Indiana - Engineering/Technology Educators of Indiana
Kansas - Kansas Technology and Engineering Educators Association
Kentucky - Kentucky Engineering Technology Education Association
Kentucky - Kentucky Association for Career & Technical Education
Louisiana - Louisiana Technology Education Association
Maine - Technology and Engineering Educators Association of Maine
Manitoba Technology Educators Association of Manitoba Inc.
Maryland - Technology Education Association of Maryland
Massachusetts - Technology Education Association of Massachusetts (TEAM)
Massachusetts - Technology Education/Engineering Education Collaborative (MassTEC)
Michigan - Michigan Technology and Engineering Educators Association (MTEEA)
Minnesota - Minnesota Technology and Engineering Educators Association
Missouri - Technology Education Association of Missouri
Nebraska - Nebraska Industrial Technology Education Association
New England - New England Association of Technology Teachers
New Hampshire - New Hampshire Technology Education Association
New Jersey - New Jersey Technology Education Association
New Mexico - Technology Educators Association of New Mexico
New York - New York Technology and Engineering Educators' Association
North Carolina - North Carolina Technology Education Association
North Dakota - North Dakota Technology and Engineering Educator's Association
Ohio - Ohio Technology and Engineering Educators Association
Oklahoma - Oklahoma Science Technology Engineering Math Association
Ontario -Ontario Council for Technology Education
Oregon - Technology Teachers of Oregon
Pennsylvania - Technology and Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania
Rhode Island - Rhode Island Technology Engineering Education Association
South Carolina - South Carolina Technology Education Association
South Dakota - South Dakota Technology Education Association
Tennessee - Technology Engineering Education Association of Tennessee   
Texas - Texas Technology and Engineering Educators (TTEE)
Utah - Utah Trade and Technical Education
Vermont - Vermont Design & Technology Education Association 
Virginia - Virginia Technology Education and Engineering Education Association
Washington - Washington Industrial Technology Education Association
Wisconsin - Wisconsin Technology Education Association

Florida Department of Education
Kentucky Department of Education
Mississippi Department of Education
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
North Dakota Department of Education
Oklahoma Department of Education
Virginia Department of Education
New Zealand
South Africa
Technology Education In Northern Ireland
Technology Educators Association of Manitoba Inc.

Council on Technology Teacher Education
Council for Supervisors
Technology Education for Children Council
Technology Education Collegiate Association

AAAS Project 2061
The Learning Institute of Technology Education - LITE
National Association of Industrial Technology
National Association of Industrial and Technical Teacher Educators
New England Association of Technology Teachers
Association for Career and Technical Education
Technology Student Association
The Transformations Project

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