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Become a TIDE Watcher and join the other ITEEA members in learning more about legislative efforts at the state and national levels pertaining to technology, innovation, design, and engineering (TIDE). TIDE Watcher will allow you to become involved in the ITEEA effort to inform legislators and government officials about the need for every child to study technology in grades K-12! Watch what other states are doing with legislative efforts that are posted. Become more informed about national legislative efforts. Get ideas on what you can do in your situation from others who have already worked to gain more impact for TIDE initiatives. Share your knowledge, skills, and experiences as we all work to make our interests known through government relations efforts.

The most important legislative battles will be in the states. ITEEA is working with other national organizations in helping to create coalitions with the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) communities. Learn from others who are already a part of those communities or other state efforts to influence governmental relations.

TIDE Watcher Listserv


If you would like to actively participate in the association's effort to establish support for technology education at the state and federal level, go to Members Only to find out how to SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE, MODIFY SUBSCRIPTION SETTINGS, AND VIEW ARCHIVES FOR TIDE WATCHER. There will be plenty to watch and a big opportunity to become involved!


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