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Exploring Technology, Second Edition
A Standards-Based Middle School Model Course Guide



Exploring Technology, Second Edition
Table of Contents

Course Overview

Unit 3 Overview:
Human Exploration

Sample Lesson - Unit 3, Lesson 3:
Lunar Colony Design and Development




Exploring Technology, Second Edition

Intended Audience
6th Grade students (no prerequisite)

Course Overview
In Exploring Technology students develop an understanding of the progression and scope of technology through exploratory experiences. In group and individual activities, students experience ways in which technological knowledge and processes contribute to effective designs, abilities, and skills contribute to effective design and solutions to technological problems. Students participate in design activities to understand how criteria, constraints, and processes affect designs. Brainstorming, visualizing, modeling, constructing, testing, and refin¬ing designs provide firsthand opportunities for students to understand the uses and impacts of innovations. Students develop skills in communicating design information and reporting results. This course is a cornerstone for a middle school technology education program.

Course Length
18 Weeks

Exploring Technology builds on K-5 experiences and develops a student’s understanding of the scope of technology and the iterative nature of technological design and problem solving processes. Likewise, students will be able to communicate their ideas verbally and visually and document the development of their plans through visual representation, journals, and portfolios. Teaming, peer mentoring, and individual actions contribute to student achievements at this level. Similarly, Exploring Technology provides the foundation for future studies in the sequence. Students learn how technology, innovation, design, and engineering interrelate and are interdependent. This background provides the basis for more focused high school studies.

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