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Foundations of Technology, Second Edition
A Standards-Based High School Model Course Guide



Foundations of Technology, Second Edition
Table of Contents

Course Overview

Unit 1 Overview:
The History of Technology

Sample Lesson - Unit 4, Lesson 2:
What's New in Manufacturing?





Foundations of Technology, Second Edition

Intended Audience
9th Grade students (no prerequisite)

Course Overview
This course will focus on the three dimensions of technological literacy: knowledge, ways of thinking and acting, and capabilities with the goal of students developing the characteristics of a technologically literate citizen. It will employ teaching/learning strategies that enable students to build their own understanding of new ideas. It is designed to engage students in exploring and deepening their understanding of “big ideas” regarding technology and makes use of a variety assessment instruments to reveal the extent of understanding.
Students will develop and understanding of the influence of technology on history by exploring how people of all times and places have increased their capability by using their unique skills to innovate, improvise and invent. They will gain an understanding of technology innovation and the fact that it often results when ideas, knowledge, or skills are shared within a technology, among technologies or across other fields of study. Students will develop an understanding of engineering design, the formal process that transforms ideas into products or systems of the designed world. They will select and use manufacturing technologies and understand that modern manufacturing technologies produce quality goods at low prices, enhancing the quality of life for many people. Students will select and use construction technologies and recognize that cultural norms, environmental conditions, and the requirements of enterprises and institutions impact the design of structures. Opportunities will be provided that enable students to select and use energy and power technologies and to explore the processing and controlling of the energy resources that have been important in the development of contemporary technology. They will become familiar with information and communications technologies and their role in maintaining competitive economic growth. The course will conclude with the synthesizing of major ideas through an understanding of the core concepts of technology with an emphasis on systems-thinking and related principles.

Course Length
36 weeks recommended

The Foundations of Technology course is one component of the overall technology education program designed to prepare students for the technological world by preparing them to assume the roles of informed voters, productive workers, and wise consumers. The Foundations of Technology course will focus on the development of knowledge and skills regarding the following aspects of technology: 1) its evolution, 2) systems, 3) core concepts, 4) design, and 5) utilization.
The Foundations of Technology is an introductory high school level learning experience that builds on student understanding gained in elementary and middle school courses. It capitalizes on the maturing adolescent’s ability to understand technological concepts and analyze issues regarding the application of technology. The course will prepare students for more specialized technology courses at the high school level such as Engineering Design, Technological Design, Technological Issues and Impacts, Advanced Design Applications and Advanced Technological Applications.

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