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Human Exploration Curriculuar Project


Another standards-based effort of interest to technology educators is the ITEEA Designing Human Exploration Curricular Project (Human Exploration). This project develops and disseminates curricular units that extend from kindergarten to Grade 12 and center around space exploration. The units are stand-alone, but they also coordinate with EbD™ curricular offerings. The dissemination component of the Human Exploration project includes aspects of both professional development and outreach. Professional development is provided on a cost-recovery basis by ITEEA’s Curriculum Specialists.

For more information, contact Shelli Meade, the Director and Editor of the Human Exploration Project, at smeade@iteea.org or via telephone at 540-382-4804.

National Digital Library for Technological Literacy
Innovation Curriculum Online Network (ICON)

The primary purpose of this project was to develop a comprehensive, standards-based, collection of Pre-K–12 digital resources to support technological literacy, and to make those resources readily available to users in a virtual environment. Resources were located, analyzed, abstracted, and cataloged using carefully developed selection and evaluation criteria.

This International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) NDLTL project represents a partnership with the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) with funding by the National Science Foundation (NSF). ITEEA developed standards-based metadata and collection parameters for the library. ENC provided infrastructure and expertise gained from experience with developing digital libraries for science, mathematics, and other disciplines.

Direct questions and requests for additional information to Barry Burke at bburke@iteea.org 703-860-2100.

Invention, Innovation, Inquiry (I3)


Invention, Innovation, and Inquiry is a project funded by NSF with the primary goal of developing ten units of instruction that focus on improving students in Grades 5 & 6. Each unit is designed for the teacher who does not have a strong background in the study of technology and can be completed within 8–10 hours of instruction and at minimal cost. All units have been pilot and field tested by at least six different teachers in a variety of states and are available through ITEEA. For additional information, contact Dr. Daniel E. Engstrom, I3 Principal Investigator: engstrom@cup.edu.

The units include:

Invention: The Invention Crusade
Innovation: Inches, Feet, & Hands
Inquiry: Understanding Design Assessment
Communication: From Print to Radio
Construction: Buildings and Beams
Design: Visualization to Modeling
Manufacturing: The Fudgeville Crisis
Power and Energy: Energy with Wind
Technological Systems: Creating Mechanical Motion
Transportation: People and Goods in Motion

ITEEA/CTTE/NSF Research Forum on Technological Studies

ITEEA's Council for Technology Teacher Educators (CTTE) and National Science Foundation (NSF) held the Research Forum on Technological Studies at ITEEA Conference 2004 to address current and proposed research in technology education. The Forum focused on timely issues concerning technological studies and student learning. Invited speakers presented research issues and initiatives, followed by forum discussions.

Microgravity Applications Project

Microgravity Applications in Technology, Grades K–12, funded by NASA, provides student activities featuring microgravity concepts. Exciting multisensory activities integrate technology, science, and mathematics in simulated reduced-gravity environments. Activities are designed for Grades K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12 and are standards-referenced. The project is based on NASA Microgravity science education resources. Review copies were available at the ITEEA Conference 2004.


STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™
1914 Association Drive, Suite 201
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