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Engineering byDesign™

STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™

Professional Development


STEM±CTL Designated Professional Development Centers

The ITEEA STEM±CTL produces various curriculum and support products each year. As a part of professional development, the Center provides train-the-trainer workshops for designated state trainers and ITEEA institutional university members on each of these products. The workshops are held in conjunction with the ITEEA Annual Conference each year. These workshops prepare trainers that will in turn provide professional development for teachers in their respective states. Sixteen universities have stepped forward to become Designated Professional Development Centers.

STEM±CTL Curriculum Specialists

The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association's (ITEEA) STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™(STEM±CTL) proudly announces new professional development opportunities with the Engineering byDesign™ (EbD™) Curriculum Specialists. These specialists have been trained to deliver consistent professional development on Engineering byDesign – the Standards-Based Model Program – including the courses, assessments, professional development and sharing opportunities and other aspects that comprise the Program. Specialists will provide a broad overview of the Program, then focus in on a specific course. The amount of material covered is determined by the amount of time provided for the institute or workshop.

STEM±CTL Workshops

STEM±CTL offers quality, standards-based teacher workshops run by national presenters. Workshops provide training for up to 50 teachers at requested sites. Workshop fee covers presenter, hands-on training materials, and publications.

ITEEA Standards Specialists Workshops

The ITEEA Standards Specialists have completed several intensive training sessions to prepare them to provide presentations or to conduct half-day, full-day, or multi-day interpretation and implementation workshops on STL and AETL.

Let Us Customize a Professional Development Experience for You!

Tell us what you need. We will assemble the necessary resources and coordinate the total experience. The cost will be determined by factors such as the nature of the content to be provided, format of the delivery, number of participants, duration of the experience, and your location.

This professional development could update existing teachers, re-certify teachers in the field, and help to certify “out-of-field” teachers. Workshops are also available for curriculum coordinators, counselors, principals, district administrators, school board members, legislators, and business, industry, and community leaders. While the professional development will be customized, we bring expertise in technology education: what it is, why it is essential for students to understand our humanly built world, and how to implement the study of technology in our Nation’s schools. All work is standards-based. Emphasis is placed on technology as content and context with applications of science, mathematics, and other important subject matter.

Topics could include issues of philosophy, standards-based curriculum, student assessment, staff development, facility design, and instructional resources, to mention several.



STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™
1914 Association Drive, Suite 201
Reston, VA 20191-1539
(703) 860-2100 fax: (703) 860-0353


Technological Literacy Standards Briefings

Ten Video Presentations on One CD

The ten videos on this CD are personal, one-on-one presentations by experienced education professionals. Perfect for the teacher educator, they bring guest speakers right into your office or classroom! FIND OUT MORE.




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