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Engineering byDesign™

STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™


The STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™was established in 1998 to strengthen professional development and advance technological literacy. Center initiatives are directed toward four goals: development of standards-based curricula; teacher enhancement; research concerning teaching and learning; and curriculum implementation and diffusion.

The STEM±CTL is the professional development arm of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). ITEEA is the largest professional educational association, principal voice, and information clearinghouse devoted to enhancing technology education through experiences in our schools (K–12). Its membership encompasses individuals and institutions throughout the world with primary membership in North America.

The STEM±CTL promotes the use of Standards for Technological Literacy, created from ITEEA's Technology For All Americans Project, a nationally supported initiative designed as a basis for curriculum and resources pertaining to the study of technology.

The STEM±CTL provides teacher enhancement opportunities through selected programs, workshops, and conferences ranging from the elementary to university level.

The STEM±CTL conducts research on teaching and learning through directed programs designed for quality teaching practices and assessment, development of resource materials, and support of teaching environments.

The STEM±CTL develops and disseminates educational materials through Consortium work involving participants from states/provinces through local educational agencies or groups. Consortium participants receive quality products and services specific to their local and professional development needs.

The STEM±CTL promotes partnerships with agencies, organizations, and other associations to advance technological studies in order to achieve common goals for developing technological literacy and improving student achievement.



STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™
1914 Association Drive, Suite 201
Reston, VA 20191-1539
(703) 860-2100 fax: (703) 860-0353

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