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ITEEA members are invited to submit nominations for the following awards.
This is your opportunity to recognize colleagues who give extra effort!


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Academy of Fellows
This is the highest recognition that the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) can bestow upon any person. To qualify, the individual must have gained prominence in and brought honor to the profession of technology and engineering education. The recipient must be an ITEEA member. The awardee will be granted membership in the Academy of Fellows of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. Individuals will be considered based on:
a) Leadership roles in ITEEA and other affiliate organization(s), and
b) Presentations and professional development activities at local to international level, and
c) Recognition by peers.
Past Recipients  
M. James Bensen, DTE
Kenneth W. Brown
Sharon A. Brusic
Michael K. Daugherty
Paul W. DeVore, DTE
Marc J. deVries
William E. Dugger, Jr., DTE
John Feirer
James E. Good, DTE
Chris Groneman
Michael Hacker
James L. Hammond
R. Lee Hornbake
Daniel L. Householder, DTE
Thomas A. Hughes, Jr.
Everett N. Israel, DTE
Frederick Kagy
James E. LaPorte
Donald P. Lauda, DTE
Franzie L. Loepp, DTE
H. H. London
Donald G. Lux
Donald Maley, DTE
G. Eugene Martin
Hidetoshi Miyakawa
Delmar W. Olson
Willis E. Ray
John M. Ritz, DTE
Gerhard Salinger
Mark Sanders
Anthony E. Schwaller, DTE
Michael L. Scott
Kendall N. Starkweather, DTE
Jerry Streichler, DTE
Robert S. Swanson
Ronald Todd
Walter B. Waetjen
P. John Williams
R. Thomas Wright, DTE

Award of Distinction
This award is presented to an individual within technology and engineering education who has advanced the profession through a sustained and recognized record of exemplary professional activity. To qualify for the Award of Distinction, the individual must be an ITEEA member and have distinguished him/herself through accomplishments in:
a) Improvement of Instruction, or
b) Research and Scholarship, or
c) Effective Teaching.
Past Recipients  
Elazer Barnette
Myron Bender, DTE
M. James Bensen, DTE
Sharon Brusic
David Burghardt
Michael Daugherty
Gerald F. Day
Paul W. DeVore, DTE
William E. Dugger, Jr., DTE
Thomas L. Erekson, DTE
Howard H. Gerrish
James E. Good, DTE
Michael Hacker
John W. Hansen, DTE
Marie Hoepfl
Thomas A. Hughes, Jr.
Patricia Hutchinson
G. Wesley Ketcham
Theodore Lewis
Donald G. Lux
Donald Maley, DTE
G. Eugene Martin
David L. McCrory
Chris P. Merrill, DTE
Rex Miller
Wilbur R. Miller
John Mitchell
Delmar W. Olsen
Kenneth Phillips
Charles A. Pinder
Philip A. Reed
Michael L. Scott
Richard Seymour
Lee. H. Smalley, DTE
Leonard Sterry
Bradley Thode
Terry Thode
R. Thomas Wright, DTE
Karen Zuga

Wilkinson Meritorious Service Award
The Meritorious Service Award is presented to an ITEEA member worthy of commendation for service to the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. To be considered, individuals must have provided continuous service to ITEEA and
a) Affiliate Association(s) or
b) The profession.
Past Recipients  
Vincent Childress
Vaughn E. Croft
Gerald F. Day
George H. Ditlow
William A. Downs
William E. Dugger, Jr., DTE
William P. Elrod, DTE
Ronald L. Foy, DTE
Perry R. Gemmill
Roger B. Hill
Harold E. Holley
Ivan Hostetler
Thomas A. Hughes, Jr.
DeWitt Hunt
Everett N. Israel, DTE
David Janosz
Jack Kirby, DTE
James E. LaPorte
Jane A. Liedtke, DTE
Len S. Litowitz, DTE
David L. McCrory
Johnny Moye, DTE
William Paige, DTE
John M. Ritz, DTE
Duane Rogers, DTE
Fred Ruda, DTE
Mark Sanders
Richard Seymour
Jane M. Smink, DTE
Ralph V. Steeb, DTE
Dennis Steele
Walter Waetjen
Jack Wescott, DTE
George Willcox
David Worley, DTE
Michael D. Wright, DTE

Sales Representative Excellence Award
This award, sponsored by intelitek, inc., is presented to a full time sales representative who has been in the technology and engineering education field for at least three years. It recognizes outstanding service, training, and follow-up support.
Past Recipients  
Dick Amarosa
Dan Dudley
Keith Edwards
Frank Gregerio
Edwin H. Grimm
John B. Heitman
Robert Hurt
Donald Jaeger
Terry Johnson
Beryl McKinnerney
Richard McManus
David Richardson
Kevin Simms
Doug Thompson
Ronald A. Williams

Public Understanding of Technology & Engineering Education Award
This award shall be given to an individual who, while working in his/her field, has also contributed substantially to the public understanding of technology and engineering. Nominations are encouraged to identify candidates whose contributions have reached broad audiences and have a sustained record of contributing to the public understanding of technology and engineering. Nominations with support information should be submitted to ITEEA, screened by the Executive Committee, and approved by the Board of Directors. There are no award deadlines, nor does the award have to be presented on an annual basis.

Past Recipients  
Rodger Bybee
Joyce Wintertotn
William A. Wulf
Gerhard Salinger

Lockette/Monroe Humanitarian Award
Given to an individual who is an ITEEA member and has promoted humanistic values while serving as a technology and engineering education professional on the national/international, state/province, or local level in one or more of the following areas:
a) Developing social awareness,
b) Preserving democratic and/or human dignity processes, and/or
c) Maximizing the potential of individuals.
Past Recipients  
Alan E. Bame
Charles J. Beatty
Myron Bender, DTE
James L. Boone
Thomas D'Apolito, DTE
David Devier, DTE
William Havice, DTE
John Iley
Ming Land
James E. LaPorte
Jeffrey A. Lintz
Franzie Loepp, DTE
W. A. Mayfield, DTE
John Monroe, DTE
Thomas Loveland
Steven W. Moorhead, DTE
Richard Peterson
Douglas L. Polette
Paul E. Post
John M. Ritz, DTE
Michael Scott
Richard D. Seymour
Bernard Singer
Donald F. Smith
Arvid Van Dyke
Emerson Wiens
W. Rollin Williams, III
Michael J. Williams
Gary Wynn, DTE
Ben K. Yates, DTE
LaVerne Young-Hawkins

Special Recognition Award
This award is presented to an individual who has established a sustained record of outstanding service to the field of technology and engineering education. To qualify for this award, the recipient must be an ITEEA member and have made a significant contribution to ITEEA or technology and engineering education. To be considered, individuals must meet one of the following criteria:
a) Promoted technology and engineering education at any level (local to international) with a resulting impact, or
b) Actively facilitated or participated in professional development for technology and engineering educators with a resulting impact, or
c) Recognized at any level for outstanding service or achievement in technology and engineering education.
Past Recipients  
Thomas J. Barber
Ronald G. Barker
Steve Barbato
James Boe, DTE
Barry E. Borakove
Richard P. Bray, DTE
Kenneth W. Brown
Walter Deal III, DTE
Marc de Vries
Richard Dieffenderfer
William R. Elrod, DTE
Michael Fitzgerald, DTE
John F. Flanagan
David Fraser, DTE
Thomas A. Frawley
Robert Gray, DTE
W. David Greer, Jr., DTE
Jeff Grimmer, DTE
Greg Kane
Melvin Kranzberg
Ming Land
Rutherford Lockette
William McKnight
Sterling D. Peterson
Anthony Schwaller, DTE
Peter Sellwood
W. Harley Smith
Andy Stephenson, DTE
Vance B. Snyder
Wesley D. Stevens
Edward W. Taylor, DTE
Joanne Trombley, DTE
Arvid Van Dyke
Robert Wenig
Gary Wynn, DTE
Ronald D. Yuill, DTE

Prakken Professional Cooperation Award
This award is presented to an individual who, through teaching, research, and professional service, has promoted the field of technology and engineering education in collaboration with other fields of discipline. To qualify for this award, individuals should be involved with projects that collaborate with other disciplines, such as science, engineering, mathematics, marketing, management, etc. The recipient of the award may be from inside or outside of the field of technology and engineering education. Nominees do not need to be members of ITEEA.
Past Recipients  
Vance R. Ablott
Larry Bilbrough
Robert Brown
Rodger Bybee
Patti Curtis
Jerry D. Drennan, DTE
Douglas Gorham
James R. Johnson
Lung-Sheng Steven Lee
Peter Edward Lowe
Hidetoshi Miyakawa, DTE
Barbara Morgan
Pamela Mountjoy
Joseph H. Oakey
Greg Pearson
Andrea Prejean
Senta Raizen
Kenneth R. Roy
James Rutherford
Thea Sahr
Gerhard Salinger
Flint Wild
Joyce Winterton
William A. Wulf
Integrative STEM Education Advocacy Award

This is an honor designated by the Local Conference Chairperson/Team. This advocacy award is presented to a prominent public official in the state hosting ITEEA's annual conference, who has acted on behalf of, and worked to support, integrative STEM education.

Congressman Bill Posey Dan Ariens, Ariens Corporation

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