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Past ITEEA Presidents

James BoeJoey Rider-Bertrand is the 2015-16 President of ITEEA. She is the Curriculum & Instruction Specialist for STEM at Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 in Lancaster, PA. She can be reached at jbertrand@iteea.org.


The current state of education is one of competing initiatives and mixed messages. While it can all be confusing and overwhelming, the good news is that people are talking about education, especially STEM!  However, in many instances the STEM conversation lacks focus. For technology and engineering, the present turmoil in education presents an opportunity. It is time to lead the conversation. While policymakers, educators, communities, and families are seeking solutions, the members and leadership of ITEEA must tirelessly demonstrate the value of technology and engineering education and its important role in STEM.  Moreover, our efforts must be laser-focused. In order to continue to advance technology and engineering education, ITEEA will leverage the current interest in STEM and focus on three objectives throughout 2015-16:

1. Positioning Technology and Engineering Education to Lead STEM  

In recent years, ITEEA has initiated and implemented strategies to effectively address technology and engineering in STEM. While these efforts have been fruitful, the momentum must continue in order to further the mission. During 2015-16, ITEEA will continue to focus on building relationships that foster understanding and promotion of technology and engineering education as a leader in STEM, and as an integral component in education. Collectively, we will leverage the current public interest in STEM to draw attention to the value of technology and engineering education and actively seek opportunities to lead STEM education.

2. Providing Technology and Engineering Tools and Resources to Lead STEM  

In order to position technology and engineering education to lead STEM, educators need the right tools and resources to illustrate the importance of technology and engineering at the classroom and local level. This is not only the case for the maintenance and expansion of technology and engineering programs, but also for the advancement of technology and engineering education within STEM education. Throughout 2015-16, ITEEA will continue to invest in the development of materials aimed at promoting technology and engineering education that are research-based and innovative. Through the use of ITEEA resources like Engineering byDesign curricula and "ITEEA in a Box," we will demonstrate that technology and engineering educators are equipped to lead STEM.

3. Developing Technology and Engineering Educators to Lead STEM  

ITEEA remains committed to the identification, recognition, and development of leaders within the profession. Through recognition programs like the Distinguished Technology and Engineering (DTE) Professional, Emerging Leader (EL) Program, and the 21st Century Leadership Academy, this work is well underway. In 2015-16, the ITEEA Board of Directors will not only renew its commitment to existing leadership-development programs, but will also explore additional avenues to support the growth of leaders in technology and engineering education. As an association, we will mentor, encourage, and build the capacity for technology and engineering educators to lead STEM.

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